We’ve all heard myths passed down through family members from one generation to the next, many of them believed to be true.  As a southeast Michigan homeowner, you should know that there are a few myths about plumbing that have long been believed to be the “gospel” truth as well.  So, will lemon really freshen your drain, and does your plumber really know what he’s doing? Haley Mechanical is here to do some busting on plumbing myths.

Here are a few facts that will help clear up any confusion about many common plumbing myths:

Myth #1:  Your plumber is an expert and knows what he’s doing.  Just like “shade-tree” mechanics, there are plumbers that do not have a license and are not educated in their field.  Be sure you consult with a plumber who is licensed and participates in continuing plumbing education courses.  Even better, see if you can find a BBB rating.

Myth #2:  If you know what you’re doing, you don’t need the instruction manual.  Ironically, this may be why you are having a plumbing problem!  Instruction/user manuals are meant to be read, and contain pictures/diagrams to ensure the job is done right.  Essentially, this saves you money.  Read your manual not once, but twice!

Myth #3: You can rely on water pressure regulators.  Even though they do offer important information, water pressure regulators should not be your only measure.  Check the pressure yourself. Indications that your pressure may be too high include a leaking water heater, banging noises coming from pipes, or shower pressure so strong it “stings.”

Myth #4:  Running water while the garbage disposal runs help flush waste on down.  While this is the belief of the majority of homeowners, food can get “jammed” in the disposal using this method.  How many times have you had to put your hand down the drain to remove a blockage?  Better idea – fill the sink with 4 times more water than you have waste.  This separates the waste and allows it to flow easily down the drain.

Myth #5:  Your disposal will smell fresh if you put lemons in it.  While it may smell citrusy and fresh for a short time, putting lemons in your disposal actually is a bad thing!  The citric acid found in lemons will corrode the metal inside.  What to do?  Use ice instead; it works like a power washer to remove the scum that’s causing the odor – noisy, but it works.

Myth #6:  In-tank toilet cleaners will clean your toilet and mean less work for you.  This is a biggie!  Your toilet won’t be any cleaner, although it may smell better.  In-tank cleaners actually just bleach out the nasty build-up, but don’t remove it.  Instead, use vinegar in the overflow tube.  It will remove the build-up and prevent the possible damage in-tank cleaners can cause.

Not believing all of the myths you hear about your plumbing can keep your sinks, toilets and showers working smoothly, and save you a bundle.  Haley Mechanical is a proud member of U.A. Local 190 Plumber’s Union. Our expert team provides plumbing quotes and every home plumbing service you need, from fixing various toilet plumbing problems, sewage systems and pipelines in case of running water problems, to installing boilers in your shower for your convenience.

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