Why Choose Radiant Flooring for Your Ann Arbor Area Home?

Radiant In-Floor Heating

Why Choose Radiant Flooring for Your Ann Arbor Area Home?

It is December, and temperatures in Ypsilanti, Dexter, Ann Arbor, and surrounding cities in SE Michigan are dropping fast. While forced-air furnaces are ordinary for heating homes, would radiant flooring be a better option? Below we explain what this type of system is, and why it may be a good choice for you.

First, what is radiant flooring? The simple answer is that rather than through vents and air ducts, heat is distributed directly through the floors and warms the rooms of your home via heat conduction. Floors are warmer to walk on, and your entire home warms more consistently due to the fact the heat rises. It works using hot water-filled tubes or electric cables.

Why consider this method of heating? Radiant flooring is more energy efficient, one advantage over traditional types of heating and furnaces. While you consume less energy and pay less on utility costs, this type of flooring also reduces allergens and dust in your home that are often distributed through vents and ducts. Heat rises directly from the floor, so there is no forced air coming out of air registers/vents.

Are radiant floors right for you? Radiant heat is not right for every homeowner, and whether it is a good choice for you depends on the type of flooring you have if your home is already built. In newly built homes, it is easy for contractors to install radiant floors. The cost will naturally be higher if contractors must remove existing floors to install the system.

Radiant heat works extremely well with concrete and ceramic tile floors because they are capable of holding heat. Vinyl floors may not be able to handle the higher temperatures, and wood floors may become warped or develop gaps due to the heat. However, if you are building a new home or already have floors made of materials that work well with radiant heat, it is a great choice because of its energy efficiency and money savings.

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