Considering R-22 is Phasing Out, is it Time for a New A/C System?


Considering R-22 is Phasing Out, is it Time for a New A/C System?

Homeowners in Southeast Michigan who have an older A/C system utilizing R-22 refrigerant may have heard about the phasing out of this refrigerant.  Supplies of R-22 are rapidly vanishing, and with the ban on it due to its contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer, you may want to consider if it’s time to replace your air conditioner.

What does the shrinking supply of R-22 mean for you?

For the time being, R-22 may be used for service and repair of your air conditioner

The EPA demanded in 2010 that the production of all equipment requiring R-22 refrigerant come to a stop.  By the year 2020, all use of this refrigerant will be banned.  For now, though, your HVAC contractor may perform repairs or service using R-22 when necessary.  However, supplies are dwindling fast, so R-22 could potentially disappear prior to 2020, making it impossible for services requiring this refrigerant be performed.  Also think about supply and demand, as the cost of R-22 will likely skyrocket, which means an increase in cost for the homeowner.

Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Ypsilanti homeowners may want to consider cooling equipment utilizing R-410A

Homeowners with older A/C systems using R-22 may face some real headaches over the next few years; many are deciding that now is a good time to upgrade their cooling systems to new equipment manufactured to use R-410A, a refrigerant approved by the EPA and known to be more eco-friendly.  Of course, helping the environment isn’t the only benefit you will enjoy by upgrading; most of today’s A/C systems are high efficiency, which means you will save substantially on energy costs.  In addition, there are federal tax credits available for homeowners who decide to make the upgrade by the end of this year!

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