Most homeowners only purchase a furnace once, or at the most twice, over their lifetimes. If you are a southeast Michigan homeowner who is having a furnace installed, wondering what to expect on the day of the installation can leave you feeling a little nervous. Do you need to prepare, and what should you expect? At Haley Mechanical, we have made it all a little less stressful by providing the information you need below.

Get Your Home Prepared

As much as possible, clear out the clutter so that technicians have an unobstructed path to where the furnace will be located. This will make it easier for technicians to make their way through without worrying about possibly breaking any of your possessions.

Moving items that make the area particularly cluttered not only makes it possible for technicians to work more efficiently, but you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable are safe from potential damage.

Purchase some touch-up paint. Thermostats are not always the same size or shape, so the new thermostat installed with your furnace may be different from your old one. Touch up paint in the same color as the wall will make it possible for you to cover the bare areas left uncovered by a different size or shape thermostat. Your technician may also be able to help you tackle this little chore.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Furnace Installation

Depending on the size/scope of the job, the installation of a furnace can take a couple of hours or a few days. After consulting with a professional about your furnace installation, you should have a fairly clear idea of how long the installation will take. While all heating and cooling companies are different, most will make an effort and take the time to protect your home during the process by using drop cloths to protect carpets/floors and wearing booties. Ultimately, professionals want to leave your home in the same clean condition they found it before the installation of your new furnace.

How Can You Help?

Of course, a homeowner is never expected (or even allowed) to help with the installation of a furnace, but since they will be in your home for a prolonged period, it is courteous to offer a glass of ice water or tea or a cup of coffee depending on the season. Also, be sure to direct the way to the restroom.

Having a furnace installed is not a frightening or complex process. Use common sense, move anything that may obstruct technicians’ progress, and extend a courteous hand. That is it!

Need a new furnace installed? At Haley Mechanical, our SE Michigan heating and air professionals use only the best equipment, and professional, courteous, highly trained technicians. Give us a call today for all of your home comfort needs!

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