Installing a Geothermal System Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Ruin of Your Landscape


Installing a Geothermal System Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Ruin of Your Landscape

For many homeowners, the landscaping and yard are what gives a home its beauty and character.  If you’re considering the installation of a geothermal system, you may be concerned that all of the money you spent on your yard and landscaping will go right down the drain, so to speak.  While there is a certain amount of damage that’s simply unavoidable, it doesn’t have to look like a demolition crew has come through after the installation!  Good communication between you and your geothermal installer can go a long way toward keeping your yard beautiful – and intact.

Here are a few tips to ensure your yard is protected as much as possible during the process:

  • Choose an experienced contractor.  A contractor with experience knows to use as little area as possible in the installation and that for an additional cost, there are equipment options that do less damage such as vacuum excavators and haul-aways.
  • Loop design and placement make a difference.  When having a geothermal system installed, there are various loop configurations including directional, vertical and horizontal loops.  The horizontal loop usually causes the most damage, as the trenches necessary for this type of installation are often hundreds of feet long.  Directional and vertical loops go at an angle or straight down into the ground, so less digging is required although you will still experience mud, water and drill cuttings at the top of the borehole.
  • Work with your contractor and offer your suggestions.  If there are areas that you would rather your contractor steer clear of, discuss it with him.  As mentioned earlier, having an open line of communication with your contractor can make all of the difference in the amount of mess that’s left when the project is complete.

Knowing that you have the  most efficient heating and cooling system available today underneath your yard is a great comfort – but knowing that your yard will be as beautiful as it was before the installation is important as well.  Keep these tips in mind, and enjoy a home that’s energy efficient without the massive demolition.

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