Heating Maintenance Checklist

Heating Maintenance Checklist

Whether you live in Ann Arbor, Dexter, or another city in southeast Michigan, you know the winter months get downright cold.  No one wants to wake up one morning to find the furnace is not functioning properly. With proper maintenance, you can rest assured you’ll have a cozy, warm home all season long.  We’ve provided a heating maintenance checklist below to help make taking care of your furnace easy.

Winter Path

Filter.  Is your filter ready to go?  Filters need regular cleaning throughout winter months, so clean it or change it depending on the type you have.  If yours is old, you may want to consider an upgrade so your system will work more efficiently.

Windows.  What do windows have to do with keeping your home warm?  A lot!  Drafty windows make your furnace work harder to keep you home warm, which costs you money.  Consider replacing old windows with those that are energy efficient. Changing screens on storm windows, or even applying a plastic film over older windows will keep the heat in, and the cold air out.

Chimney.  Keep your home warm and safe by having the chimney inspected before you use the fireplace this winter.  Chimneys often have built up debris, leaves, or even nests, which are obstructions that can be a fire hazard.  It is also important to remove the buildup of ash and soot, so clean the chimney or hire a professional to do it for you.

Cleaning the components of your system.  When you have not used the furnace all spring or summer long, you can expect to find lots of dust bunnies.  To make the furnace safe to operate and more efficient, clean away dust, cobwebs, and other debris from air vents, ducts, blowers, burners, and other components.  You may not realize it, but dust and debris are safety hazards, as they can catch fire.  Most cleaning can be accomplished using a vacuum.

Blower belt.  Inspect this belt for cracks, as it is the largest belt on the furnace.  If any cracks exist, replace the belt right away.

Switch the thermostat to “heat.”  You may be thinking “duh,” but it is amazing how many people forget to change the thermostat over from the cool setting.  You may also want to consider a programmable thermostat, a great way to lower heating costs all winter long.

Have your furnace inspected by a professional.  Before you fire up the furnace, have a professional inspect your system.  This is the only way to detect some potential problems that most homeowners would miss.  Whether an issue is small or large, it can become an even bigger (and more costly) problem down the road.  By having your furnace inspected each year, you will save money on energy costs.

At Haley Mechanical, we believe that taking care of your heating and cooling system can prevent costly repairs in the future, and keep your family safe.  We hope homeowners in southeast Michigan will find this heating maintenance checklist useful!  Give us a call if it is time to have your furnace inspected by a professional.

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