What Is a Home Standby Generator?


What Is a Home Standby Generator?

Some people call them “backup generators,” while others call them “automatic” or “standby” generators.  Whatever name you call it, this type of generator can save your groceries, keep your home comfortable, or even prevent you missing your favorite television show when the power goes out!

Standby generators are permanently installed outside your Michigan home, unlike portable generators.  With a standby generator, you enjoy power while the rest of your neighbors are “in the dark” when a storm strikes or some other event causes a power outage.  Standby or backup generators operate on natural gas or liquid propane you may already use in running your home, and automatically kick in or take over when the power goes – which we all know is frustrating!  As long as your standby generator includes a transfer switch, your lights, air conditioning, television, refrigerator, and other appliances or electronics will keep functioning as usual, even while the rest of the neighborhood is fumbling in the dark.

Losing power for several hours or even several days can turn your life upside down.  The transfer switch constantly monitors the power coming into your home.  When the power goes off, the switch automatically kicks the generator into gear, producing power within 10 seconds.  Because the switch monitors the grid, the generator is automatically turned off once the power is restored to the grid.  Pretty amazing!  For your southeast Michigan home in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Howell, or Dexter, life goes on as usual, while neighbors go in search of flashlights, candles, and a way to keep their food cold and their homes comfortable.

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