Is Having Your Furnace Inspected on an Annual Basis Really Necessary?

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Is Having Your Furnace Inspected on an Annual Basis Really Necessary?

As a Michigan homeowner, your furnace works hard for you, particularly during the winter months when temperatures can drop like a rock.  While we often take it for granted and think as long as it’s running, everything’s okay, it is important to have your furnace inspected on an annual basis.

Nearly every furnace manufacturer advises that homeowners have their furnace inspected yearly.  Having maintenance performed by a qualified technician can also help prevent problems before they become a headache this is costly.  Will your warranty be voided if you decide not to have your furnace inspected each year?  Why risk it – and then find that come January, your furnace isn’t functioning properly?

Consider having your Michigan HVAC company “tune up” your furnace.

While you’ll probably never run across two heating/cooling companies that perform the exact same services during a tune-up, there are some basic steps your contractor should be taking while checking out your system and making sure it operates properly. Some of these steps include:

  • ŸInspecting heat exchanger for corrosion and rust
  • Check wiring for damage and/or corrosion
  • Analyzing of combustion gases to compare with unit specifications
  • Inspect fresh air intake grills for blockages
  • Inspect blower access door to ensure there is an airtight seal at the furnace
  • Conduct amp-draw test on blower motor for comparison to specifications listed
  • ŸRemoval of blower wheel for inspection for debris – blower wheel should be cleaned dirt and debris
  • Check burners to ensure they are igniting properly; check flame sense and burner flame
  • Check for leakage or blockage in drainage system, including internal hoses to the furnace.  Clean condensate trap and drain, replacing water in the trap
  • Check for leakage and/or blockages in the vent system, including connections at and internally to the furnace as well as outside termination

Unfortunately, some HVAC contractors do little more than sticking a vacuum nozzle into the furnace and sucking out some dust, something a homeowner could do him or herself.  When you’re ready to have your furnace tuned up, ask the company you’re considering what is included before you make a decision.

Should you pay to have your furnace tuned up?  Absolutely.  Not only can you prevent small problems from becoming extremely expensive, it will mean a safer home for your family.  Besides, no homeowner wants to wake up in the middle of a cold December or January night to find their furnace has gone on the blink!

At Haley Mechanical, we work hard to ensure our clients’ homes are comfortable, safe and energy efficient.  Southeast Michigan homeowners can depend on us for all of your heating/cooling equipment and maintenance needs.

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