Keep Your Cool This Summer – Here’s How

Keep Your Cool This Summer – Here’s How

Woman standing by ductless mini-split system

It seems like temperatures are getting hotter all over the U.S. during summer months, and Southeast Michigan is no exception.  How can you enjoy a cool home this summer and not spend a fortune?  Ceiling and pedestal fans help, along with good insulation and sealing any air leaks around windows, doors, or where plumbing pipes and other equipment enter your home. Ann Arbor homeowners will appreciate these suggestions from our air conditioning and heating professionals.

  • Keep your current cooling system in top-notch shape by investing in repair and periodic maintenance provided by professional HVAC contractors.
  • Discuss an energy upgrade of your current A/C system during your annual or semi-annual maintenance appointment.
  • If you currently do not have an air conditioning system in your home, talk to a skilled professional about all the various options and which types of systems are most suited to your home.
  • A frigid home is not healthy or comfortable. For most people, setting the thermostat at about 76 or 78 degrees is comfortable, but not too cold.  It should not feel like a 40-degree temperature difference when you walk into your home from outdoors, and you can enjoy comfort while keeping cooling costs down.


Haley Mechanical offers a wide array of air conditioning and heating services in Ann Arbor and throughout SE Michigan for those in need of repair, maintenance, or guidance about the installation of a new cooling system.  Whether you have existing ductwork or none and are curious about the cooling options available to you or need service on your current system, trust our qualified and skilled technicians to go beyond your expectations.

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