Labor Day Means Winter is On the Way – Time for a Furnace Inspection!

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Labor Day Means Winter is On the Way – Time for a Furnace Inspection!

With Labor Day barely behind us, fall and winter are just around the corner.  Kids and parents are crowding the stores getting those last minute school supplies, and if you pay attention to fashion etiquette, white is officially out until next summer.  At Haley Mechanical, we highly recommend that southeast Michigan homeowners start considering a furnace inspection.  While we still have a few warm weeks to look forward to, temperatures will be plummeting before you know it.

It’s essential to have your furnace inspected every year; not only does this ensure efficient, safe operation, it also extends the life of your furnace.  Here are a few of the things our technicians do during a furnace inspection:

  • ŸOil fan motor where applicable
  • ŸAdjust and clean blower components
  • ŸClean or replace 1” or 2” filters
  • ŸMeasure temperature difference
  • ŸCalibrate thermostat
  • ŸClean ignition assembly
  • ŸPerform safety test of heat exchanger
  • ŸMonitor flue draft
  • ŸMonitor gas pressure and adjust gas valves
  • ŸClean and adjust burner/pilot assembly
  • ŸCheck fan and fan control
  • ŸCheck all electrical connections
  • ŸVacuum out compartment

No Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, or Dexter homeowner wants to face a bone-chilling morning to find their furnace has gone on the blink.  Once a problem develops, it may be costly to have it repaired – and replacing your furnace isn’t a cost you want to endure just when the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are approaching.  By having your furnace inspected in the coming weeks, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it will do its job when the time comes.

Have more questions about having your furnace inspected?  Call Haley Mechanical today.  We’ve been keeping SE Michigan homeowners comfortable for 15 years!

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