Improved Home Comfort & Lower Energy Costs Through Proper Window Care

Improved Home Comfort & Lower Energy Costs Through Proper Window Care

Who does not love that beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows?  Unfortunately, for southeast Michigan homeowners that gorgeous view can cost you money – especially if there are air leaks around the window frames.  You may not know it, but how you care for your windows can make a considerable difference in comfort level and how much you pay for energy costs!

Man Caulking a Window

Make sure air leaks around windows are sealed

Even the smallest gap around a window frame can be a big source when it comes to the hot air in summer months coming into your home. In winter months, the opposite is true – that heated air that feels so good can escape to the outdoors. How to stop this? Before the winter or summer season, do an inspection of the caulk on both the inside and outside of window frames. When caulk is crumbling or cracked, it is time for a replacement! Also look for new gaps while you are inspecting. All of the tools you need can be found at the local hardware store, and they make the chore much simpler.

What if gaps are too large and caulk will not work? Expandable foam sealant designed for use with windows and doors is ideal for this application.

Also remember to check weather stripping to ensure it still has a good seal and is where it is supposed to be. Vinyl and aluminum weather stripping are higher quality and more effective than traditional foam, and you will save money as you will not have to replace weather stripping as often.

If you want to save on energy and have the budget, consider energy-efficient storm windows!

Reduce heat gain

Windows can also cause heat gain or loss even when no air leaks are present because heat can travel through the frame and glass. There are remedies for this as well so that you can enjoy lower cooling or heating costs, depending on the season:

  • Install window shutters
  • Consider awnings that are retractable
  • Have energy-efficient storm windows installed if possible
  • Consider applying Low-E window film to the glass
  • Use shades, blinds, drapes, curtains, or other window coverings during summer months to block out the sunlight – additionally, drapes and energy-efficient curtains can help hold warm air inside during winter months

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