Lower the Thermostat on your Hot Water Heater to 120°F

Lower the Thermostat on your Hot Water Heater to 120°F

The typical family in the United States spends about $1,900 a year on their utility bills.  Here’s our tip of the week to help you save! If you have a tank water heater, it constantly keeps a reserve of heated water available at any time. Most of the time, your water heater is set by the manufacturer to 140°F. This is much warmer than needed in a typical residential home.  The US Department of Energy has reported that a 20°F drop in water temperature could save you up to ten percent in energy costs.

The great thing about this change, is it doesn’t even require a professional unless you prefer to have one of our smiling technicians at your home. Here’s the quick and dirty method:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker for the water heater at the electrical box. If it is not listed on the location sheet inside of the panel, be on the safe side and turn off all the power.
  2. Remove the access panel on the water heater with a screwdriver.
  3. Carefully remove the insulation.
  4. There may be an upper and a lower heating unit, in which case there will be two thermostats behind two panels.
  5. Set both, or one if that is all there is, to the same temperature using a flathead screwdriver. The US Department of Energy suggests that homeowners note the beginning temperature and adjusted temperature and check the tap temperature at the faucet farthest from the heater. Make adjustments until the desired tap temperature, in this case120 degrees, is reached.
  6. Replace insulation and access panel.
  7. Turn the circuit breaker on.

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