Potential A/C Problems Michigan Homeowners Should be Aware Of

Potential A/C Problems Michigan Homeowners Should be Aware Of

The weather is beginning to warm up, so it is vital to ensure your air conditioner is ready for summer. Part of being prepared for whatever temperatures come our way is making certain there are no issues that could interfere with the proper operation of your cooling system. For the most part, any existing problem will only become worse over time if not immediately addressed, which could end up costing you more or causing more serious problems with your system. At Haley Mechanical, we want southeast Michigan residents to be aware of potential problems that may exist.

Ice buildup – If not cleaned frequently, the evaporator coil in your A/C could malfunction, resulting in the temperature around the coil to drop below freezing. This results in the freezing of condensation on the coil, forming ice that may encase the entire evaporator coil. This prevents proper operation and can result in permanent damage if not repaired immediately. If you see ice forming, contact one of our trusted HVAC technicians right away.

Refrigerant leaks – Refrigerant is a liquid that cycles through the air conditioning system and handles removing the heat from your home. As the refrigerant cycles through your system, it evaporates into a gas before turning back into liquid form. This constant process takes the heat from the air in your home and releases it to the outdoors. When a refrigerant leak occurs, your cooling system is drained of this necessary liquid and will not function. When you notice liquid dripping from your A/C, it is time to call a professional.

Short-cycling – This occurs when your air conditioner continues to turn on and off every few minutes. Short-cycling not only increases the odds of a breakdown, but it can also shorten the life of your system substantially. This issue is caused by an electrical problem either with the compressor or thermostat. A professional will need to inspect your air conditioner to diagnose the problem.

If you are having problems with your air conditioner, the time to address it is now. Call Haley Mechanical today for expert service by qualified technicians providing services throughout southeast Michigan including Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Howell, Brighton, and surrounding areas.