Recent Cold Snap Turns Focus to Your Furnace


Recent Cold Snap Turns Focus to Your Furnace

Ryan Wiens is no cold-weather rookie. He’s lived through almost two dozen central Ohio winters.

Last week’s single-digit temperatures, however, left him asking plenty of first-timer questions — and understandably so: It was, after all, the first cold snap the 23-year-old central Ohio native had encountered as a central Ohio homeowner.

Wiens had been in his house — a 66-year-old three-bedroom Cape Cod in the heart of Worthington — for only a few days, so his knowledge of the furnace was pretty much limited to its location.

Wiens’ most-pressing questions: Is the furnace working efficiently? Is it operating safely? And, perhaps most important, is it going to conk out at the worst-possible time (read: any second)?

Wiens called in the experts.

“Right now, I’m hooked up to the gas valve, so I can check the pressure coming out — which is a little low right now,” Mike Toops, an HVAC technician for 28 years, said as he crouched in front of Wiens’ furnace.

Toops, who works for Lewis Center-based Care Heating and Cooling, pointed to the digital readout on the gauge attached to the line.

“What we’re looking for is anything below 100 parts per million of carbon monoxide in the flue. We should have none in the airstream.”

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