Should You Order HVAC Parts From the Internet?


Should You Order HVAC Parts From the Internet?

These days on the Web, there are many things you can find and purchase online cheaper than you can locally. Buying HVAC equipment isn’t one of them. To get the right parts for your system and make sure you are getting quality parts, you want to hire a certified HVAC expert.

A certified HVAC expert will be qualified and knowledgeable to work on your HVAC system as well as knowing what parts and equipment to use. If something goes wrong, you need a company that can stand behind the work and repair or replaces whatever it takes to solve the problem. A contractor can’t do that if they use parts they aren’t familiar with or don’t meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

With the proliferation of online ‘deals’ some people are turning to the Internet to buy HVAC equipment, but in the end, is it really a bargain? If you buy the wrong part, you may be stuck with something you don’t need and still need the HVAC system fixed. The bigger problem lies in the warranty. A certified HVAC expert will guarantee their work is free of defects. This means they are also standing behind the parts. For that reason, most HVAC contractors won’t honor a warranty on a part they don’t supply or aren’t Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or equivalent.

Your heating and cooling systems are not only critical to your and your family’s comfort; it is a potentially dangerous system if it is not operating as it should. A system with faulty parts is not going to operate efficiently. Best case is a defective system that will cost you money in wasted energy and expensive maintenance down the road.

Not only should you look for a certified HVAC expert, look for a well-established business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You want a business whose reputation precedes them as that means most business comes from word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients. They know what parts are needed and where to get them for the best price.

Don’t try to buy your HVAC equipment yourself online. Contact a qualified HVAC service company and get the right stuff.