Tankless Hot Water Heaters – Benefits, Options, and More

Tankless water heater

Tankless Hot Water Heaters – Benefits, Options, and More

Regular water heaters can present problems, but tankless water heating systems offer homeowners an endless supply of hot water – without the energy waste.  Tankless water heating systems work by heating the water only when you are actually using it, so not only do you save energy, you save money at the same time.  Imagine never again having to wait for the water in your traditional water heater to heat again!  Modern technology has made it possible to have hot water at your disposal any time you need it.

The average Dexter homeowner spends about 20% of their energy costs heating the water for use in their homes.  Because your water heats only “on demand” with a tankless water heater, you save money.  Another benefit of this type of heater versus the traditional water tank is the longer life span, which is more than 25 years on average.  The old traditional water heaters offer a life span of about 10 years. Tankless water heaters are also a fixable devise. When your water heater tank breaks, you generally have to replace the entire thing. Tankless water heaters have parts that can be replaced.

So, what’s involved should you decide to have a tankless water heating system installed in your Michigan home?  Here are the basics:

  • Professional technicians will remove your old tank water heater
  • Ÿ Your new tankless water heating system will be wall mounted near the area of the old tank
  • Ÿ Isolation kit installed with unit
  • Ÿ Proper PVC venting will be run for indoor installment
  • Ÿ Reinstall water lines for hot and cold water supply
  • Ÿ Gas line upgrade to 3/4″
  • Ÿ Installation of electric power outlet, which is required for freeze protection, PC board and digital remote

Keep in mind that your technician will work to determine what steps are necessary for your particular situation, as all homes are different when it comes to installation.  Additionally, the build-up of scale caused by hard water can affect the warranty on your heater and its performance, so your installer will test your water for hardness.  Scale is a build-up of calcium carbonate and magnesium, also referred to as “limescale.”

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Other options you may want to consider when upgrading to a tankless water heating system include:

  • Adding a water softener if it is determined you have hard water – this will help prevent scale and build-up on your new tankless water heater;
  • Enjoy hot water immediately upon turning on your hot water by adding a recirculation pump.

Imagine having an endless supply of hot water – and never again having to wait for the water to heat up after laundry or other family members have showered!  Considering the energy savings and endless supply of hot water, the cost of a tankless water heating system, although more initially, pays you back daily and over the long term!

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