Why Should You Consider a High Velocity System for Heating & Cooling?

Why Should You Consider a High Velocity System for Heating & Cooling?

Considering Ann Arbor, Michigan gets cold in winter and warm (sometimes even hot) in summer months, many homeowners are concerned about the best way to heat and cool their homes for ultimate comfort and money savings.  If you’re not familiar with a high velocity system and the advantages of this type of system, we’ve provided the information you need below!

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Increased efficiency due to decreased leakage

With a Unico system (a high velocity heating and cooling system) the space required for equipment is much less, about a third of that used with conventional systems.  The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating is traditionally used to measure cooling systems, however this approach fails to account for the actual output of warm or cold air.  High velocity systems result in less leakage due to less surface area.

Electricity savings, fewer drafts

Traditional air conditioning systems tend to be drafty, simply because they force large amounts of conditioned air into a space all at once which results in temperatures that aren’t consistent in open offices or large living spaces.  The Unico system works differently, creating a gentle air stream through suction that circulates evenly throughout your spaces.


As mentioned earlier, the SEER rating is used with traditional HVAC systems which uses a formula dividing BTU by Watts.  Because the equipment used to cool or heat a home is the only factor taken into consideration and the distribution system the equipment is connected to is not factored in, this is not a reliable rating.  Ducts often develop cracks or air leaks, hot attics account for increased leakage in conventional systems.  To cool the same area a high velocity system consumes less electricity, particularly when ducts are located inside the space being cooled or heated as this makes it possible to downsize the condenser.

No expensive renovation or remodeling necessary

Many homes or buildings that are older simply don’t allow for a centralized HVAC system without substantial remodeling or renovation, leaving these structures to with few alternatives for heating and cooling other than window air conditioning or baseboard radiators – not an ideal choice, given the noise.  High velocity systems can be installed in nearly any building due to flexible ducts that can be worked through holes that already exist in floors or walls.  No mess, disruption, or noise.


A Unico system utilizes small outlets that integrate easily with any home design, so there is no need for concern about how bulky ductwork or a large metal unit will fit into your existing structure, whether a home or business.  Essentially, you have no worries about how to fit an existing building around your heating and cooling system.  High velocity systems are the simplest way for you to enjoy perfect climate control and energy savings without costly renovation or intrusive, messy, or ugly installation.


At Haley Mechanical we proudly offer our customers the new Unico system, ideal for heating and cooling whether your Ann Arbor home is decades old or brand spanking new.  Contact us to learn more about this exciting innovation today!

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