Vacationing? Your HVAC System Deserves a Break, Too!

Vacationing? Your HVAC System Deserves a Break, Too!

Today, most Southeast Michigan homeowners would not want to do without air conditioning in summer months.  That said, most families enjoy a summer vacation – and doesn’t your HVAC system deserve a break, too?  The fact is, you can extend the life of your system and save money at the same time by properly caring for your HAVC system while you are away.

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Set the Thermostat Up

When temperatures are super hot, more energy is required to keep your home comfortable. While you are on vacation, it is easy to give your HVAC system a break from working so hard – and it is easier on your bank account and the environment as well! All you have to do is set the thermostat up about 4 degrees than what you usually set it on while you are away. Your system will not run too often, but will help control humidity and provide proper ventilation while you are gone. Why not set it up 10 degrees, or even turn it completely off? When it gets too hot or humid inside your home, the result could be mold or mildew growth on your belongings or even damage to your house. You can also optimize the settings by programming the thermostat if a house sitter will watch your home and/or pets while you are away.

Save Even More on Energy Costs

Before you are out the door and on your way to your vacation destination, be sure to change the filter on your HVAC system.  This will help it operate efficiently, and save on energy costs.  Other things you can do to save even more include not only raising the thermostat a few degrees but unplugging appliances and electrical devices that aren’t essential such as coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens, even cell phone or computer chargers.  Even when not in use, most appliances drain energy just by being plugged in.

Block UV Rays to Keep Your Home Cooler

When the drapes or blinds are open, windows can let in a tremendous amount of sunlight – not to mention heat. To block out the heat and prevent possible UV damage to floors or furniture, close all the blinds, shades, or curtains. You may even want to consider using blankets, sheets, or other coverings over the windows, which has the added benefit of making your home more secure while you are vacationing.

While you are vacationing and away from your Ann Arbor home, give your HVAC system a break! You will save money, conserve energy, and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. For all of your questions or service or repair, give Haley Mechanical a call today.

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