While temperatures aren’t toasty yet in southeast Michigan, it won’t be long before things start heating up.  Warm, sunny days bring people outdoors, many of them wearing shorts, sandals, and other lightweight, cool clothing.  That first day temperatures soar toward 80 degrees, many homeowners will be ready to flip on the A/C – but what do you do if it doesn’t come on?  Other than panic, we have a few tips.

First, make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” mode.  Once you’ve checked that it is, make sure the temperature you set is lower than the current temperature in the room.

If your A/C unit still doesn’t come on, check the electric panel to see whether the fuse has blown.  If this is the case, flip the switch back on.  In some cases, there will be a box located outside, near the condenser unit.  This disconnect box contains outdoor fuses specifically for the A/C system.  Check the fuses in this box if you do have one, but be sure to turn them off before performing any work.

Have you checked the filters lately?  The same ductwork is typically used to deliver conditioned air to your home during both winter and summer months, so it could be that the filter is super-dirty if you haven’t changed it in a while.  Filters not only get dirty, but they can also get clogged which means airflow is restricted.  If yours looks dirty or clogged with hair, pet dander, dust, and other debris, replace it or wash if yours is washable.

If the air conditioner in your SE Michigan home still won’t come on after you’ve tried the steps above, call the highly qualified cooling and heating contractors at Haley Mechanical.

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