Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips for Southeast Michigan Homeowners

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Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips for Southeast Michigan Homeowners

Furnace Maintenance is essential to ensuring its safety and efficient operation throughout the harsh winter season in southeast Michigan.  At Haley Mechanical, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a trained technician come to your home to perform a maintenance check on your furnace!

While cold weather is already here, it is still a good idea to schedule your check up now, particularly since it is likely you have already been running your furnace for a few weeks.  With a few months to go before spring arrives, you want to ensure your furnace keeps performing at top efficiency, and that any dangers or risks are minimized.

There are several things you can do yourself to help maintain your furnace, either before or after your technician performs a maintenance check:


  • Keep warm air registers and return air openings free of drapes, furnishings, rugs, and other objects that could block air flow.
  • Avoid storing potentially dangerous substances (including paint and cleaning supplies) near a gas furnace.  Certain chemicals may be flammable.
  • During the winter months when your furnace is regularly used, change or clean your filter frequently.
  • Make certain you have a carbon monoxide detector installed near the furnace to ensure your family’s safety.  If you are not certain where to install a detector, a technician with Haley Mechanical can help determine the best location, or provide you with a detector and install it for you.


When your furnace performs at top efficiency, you enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy costs during winter months.  These are four simple things you can do yourself to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your family is safe.

Have questions about how to properly maintain your furnace, or need to schedule a maintenance check-up?  Call Haley Mechanical today!  We have proudly served homeowners in the SE Michigan area for more than 15 years.

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