Winterizing Your Air Conditioning: What SE Michigan Homeowners Should Know!


Winterizing Your Air Conditioning: What SE Michigan Homeowners Should Know!

It probably seems like you’ve only turned around twice since you were hoping your air conditioner would perform well for the summer months. Winter’s sneaking up fast, and SE Michigan homeowners need to know what to do to winterize their air conditioners.  By properly winterizing, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system will work like a charm when temperatures start climbing next year.

Here are a few tips to winterize your air conditioning SE Michigan homeowners will appreciate:

  • Avoid covering your outside unit with a plastic cover.  Harsh Michigan winters usually bring on the snow, sleet and other weather homeowners often feel they should protect their air conditioners from.  However, covering your outdoor condenser with plastic will likely cause moisture to condense inside your unit.  If you must use a cover, choose those you can purchase from your HVAC contractor which allow air to circulate, so that rust doesn’t form inside your condenser.  It’s really not necessary to use a cover at all; in fact, it isn’t’ recommended.
  • Remove debris after all leaves, sticks, etc. that have fallen.  Once there are no leaves left to fall, remove the debris from around your unit.
  • Make sure your unit doesn’t sit in a puddle of water.  Melting snow and ice can result in puddles, which isn’t usually a problem – UNLESS those puddles are surrounding your unit!  Make sure the ground drains water away from your unit.
  • Look for potential problems.  If you see obvious leaks or signs of damage, have them repaired before winter arrives.  Procrastinating until next year could mean you find yourself facing that first hot summer day without air conditioning!

At Haley Mechanical, our goal is to help homeowners keep their air conditioning systems in good shape, so that you don’t face potentially expensive repairs when the summer season arrives next year!  Contact us for all your heating/cooling needs.

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