HVAC Installation & Common Questions Among SE Michigan Homeowners

HVAC Installation & Common Questions Among SE Michigan Homeowners

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We all take our air conditioning and heating for granted.  You probably know what HVAC stands for (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) but other than that you do not know much about how it is installed.  You do not need to know the specifics, considering HVAC professionals are highly trained and know how to properly install these essential systems we have all become accustomed to.  Our Ann Arbor HVAC contractors are highly skilled, so you can trust a professional job when having a heating and cooling system installed.

Still, you are probably curious about a few things.  We have included some of the most common questions regarding cooling/heating services and HVAC installation below.

What’s the process to hire someone for A/C or heater installation?  First, use the web to search online.  This makes it possible to read reviews, what services a company offers, and to ensure the company provides services in your area.  Make certain the contractors are experienced and licensed not only in repair but the installation of HVAC systems, air conditioning, etc.  Highly regarded companies often make recommendations concerning equipment as well.

How much time is required for installation?  This depends on whether you already have a system installed that you are replacing and other factors.  If it is an installation in a newly constructed home, it will take a bit more time as there is more work involved.  In a replacement, it is switching out the old units and connecting the new ones to your electrical, gas, and vent systems.

What’s the best location for installation?  Without having your property inspected by an HVAC professional first, it is impossible to say.  There are various factors that impact where a heater or A/C system should be installed.  For instance, you may or may not have a basement, or your home may be two-story.  Is the roof flat and able to withstand the weight of equipment?  Our Southeast Michigan HVAC contractors will assess before recommending an installation location.

Once your new HVAC system is installed, what can you do to save on energy costs?  The most important factor is the proper use of the thermostat, which is why professionals recommend a programmable thermostat.  This type allows you to track your unit’s activity so that whether you are at work or vacationing, you can save money by preventing energy waste.  While it may seem intimidating, controls on these thermostats are easy to use. Our professionals will provide you with further guidance on saving and show you how to use controls for the most comfort and money savings.

Have more questions about HVAC installation in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas?  Give the experts at Haley Mechanical a call today!