Every Ann Arbor area homeowner knows that when it comes to your air conditioning system, the thermostat is the “brains” behind the operation. How you use your thermostat can have a huge impact on not only your family’s comfort but energy costs as well. Because the thermostat controls every component of your system, it is important to choose one that gives you the biggest “bang” for your buck. Our recommendation is a programmable thermostat.

Coordinating your thermostat with your family’s schedule

It does not make sense to cool or heat a home when no one is there; essentially, it is a waste of money, and also result in useless wear and tear on your system. Programmable thermostats reduce the system to use when you are away, working on a schedule you program yourself. Instead of manually adjusting your system up and down throughout the day, you program the thermostat, and it makes the changes for you, automatically.

What’s the best setting for an effective combination of comfort and energy efficiency? Lennox recommends the following:

Summer months:

  • When you are home, set the thermostat for 78 degrees
  • When you are away from work, school, or on vacation, set the thermostat for 85 degrees
  • Sleeping? 82 degrees is comfortable for most people

Winter months:

  • When you are home, set the thermostat for 68 degrees
  • When away, program your thermostat for 60 degrees
  • We recommend 60 degrees at night when you are sleeping

What should you do during spring and fall months? When temperatures are comfortable, and you do not need either, it is simple – turn your A/C system off. Another option is to use the recommendations as a guide and tweak them to your family’s preference.

Factors other than temperature that affects your comfort

The temperature you set your thermostat on isn’t the only thing that affects your comfort. High humidity levels can make you feel warmer because the excess moisture in the air sticks to your skin. The temperature in your home may be 78 degrees, but it feels more like 85 degrees when moisture levels are too high. The solution? Some thermostats also make it possible to control the humidity, while some heating/cooling systems with variable speed make it possible to control humidity by slowly pulling air across the coil on startup, removing extra moisture.

Have questions about cooling your home and enjoying energy savings? Considering a programmable thermostat? At Haley Mechanical, we are dealers of the most trusted brands for exceptional home comfort and energy savings, including Lennox. Give us a call today!

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