Air Handlers

Lennox® air handlers installed by Haley Mechanical are among the most efficient and quietest you can buy.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Air Handlers are the ultimate expression of Lennox®innovation, and that makes it the perfect choice for your home. Each product is a standout on its own, leading the market in efficiency, quiet operation and comfort. Working together in one system, they create an environment of perfectly heated and cooled air. SunSource® solar capabilities add to the performance possibilities, allowing you to enjoy better air and brilliant solutions to energy use.

CBX40UHV Air Handler

CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

Innovation that blows the competition away

Variable-speed technology provides a constant flow of air, with no loud drafts or operating sounds. Steady air movement also enhances efficiency.

CBX32MV Air Handler

CBX32MV Variable-Speed, Multi-Position Air Handler

Built to be quiet

Variable-speed motor ramps up slowly, so there’s never a noisy blast of air at startup.

CBWMV Air Handler

CBWMV Variable-Speed Hydronic Air Handler

An efficient part of a boiler system

Designed to work in combination with a boiler, the CBWMV uses available hot water to deliver a consistent flow of warm air. A hydronic heating coil minimizes energy costs.

Lennox Elite® Series

True to their name, Elite® Series products are a cut above when it comes to making people comfortable in their homes. With impressive features and capabilities, Elite products not only deliver exceptional comfort, but also outstanding energy efficiency. Compared to conventional heating and cooling products, Elite Series can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.

CBX27UH Air Handler

CBX27UH High-efficiency Air Handler

Smooth-running performance

A high-efficiency constant torque blower motor maintains consistent comfort at a whisper.

CBX32M Air Handler

CBX32M Efficient Air Handler

Efficient by design

The CBX32M is the ideal indoor component of your heat pump or air-conditioning system. It uses smart, high-quality components to provide efficient comfort all year long.

Lennox Merit® Series

For nearly 150 years, Lennox has stood for innovation, dependability and reliability in heating and cooling equipment. The entire Merit® Series carries on that tradition with pride, because it’s built with smart designs, and thoroughly tested to ensure it will exceed your expectations.

CBX25UHV Air Handler

CBX25UHV Variable-Speed Air Handler

Comfortable in your home, comfortable on your budget

The CBX25UHV offers a solid combination of excellent performance, smart energy use and quality construction.

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