Air Scrubber Plus

Air Purification System

The Secret to a Cleaner Home

Without Lifting a Finger
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Cleaning surfaces, removing odors and removing harmful airborne contaminants is as easy as turning on your furnace, air conditioning or fan – Air Scrubber Plus with ActivePure technology does all of the work!

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Are you spraying toxic chemicals into the air to cover up strong odors? Air Scrubber Plus not only purifies the air in your home, but it also reduces odors by soaking up the particles that keep those odors lingering.

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Unlike passive air filters, Air Scrubber Plus send out ActivePure scrubbers throughout your home, treating the air and significantly reducing chemicals, contaminants, mold, odors and other pollutants that linger in the air.

  • Designed to help reduce indoor air quality risks known as Sick Building Syndrome
  • Attaches easily to your heating & cooling system
  • Complies with all Federal EPA, FDA & OSHA regulations including the California Air Resource Board Regulations
  • Mom Approval based upon over 99% satisfaction rate from thousands of Air Scrubber plus units installed in homes and tested/validated by Moms nationwide in 2013
  • CARB Certified
  • Made in the USA

Protect Your Family

With the Highest Standards Available
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Confident with fewer contaminants in your home . . .

Families come in for the day from work, school, daycare, and many other environments.  What contaminants are in those environments that may be making their way into our homes via our clothes, hands, or shoes that ultimately end up on the floors, countertops, and doorknobs?  Proven to destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants, the Air Scrubber Plus with its ActivePure Technology reduces about 90% of airborne contaminants by scrubbing, purifying and cleaning the air.  Your entire family can breath fresher air!

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Eliminate lingering (and unpleasant) odors . . .

Pet odors, cigarette smoke, mold smells, even burnt foods or certain foods that leave odors for hours (such as fish or cabbage) are odors you don’t want in your home.  What smells worse than a wet dog who’s just come in from the rain?  While some odors seem impossible to banish, the Air Scrubber Plus is the solution you’ve been looking for – even for those odors you think you can’t control.  Using a photocatalytic device that functions via your heating/air conditioning unit, odors, pet dander, even household dust can be substantially reduced.  Whether paint fumes or tobacco smoke, even the strongest odors are dramatically reduced or eliminated.

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Reduce aggravating irritants . . .

Pollen, mold, dust, and other tiny particles in the air are common this time of year – and family members who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions can really suffer.  Watery eyes, sneezing, inability to sleep, these pollutants can aggravate all of the symptoms.  The Air Scrubber Plus with ActivePure Technology reduces these and other contaminants using specialized light waves in conjunction with a proprietary catalytic process that essentially “scrubs” your environment using molecules of hydrogen and oxygen that work to clean the air, thereby significantly reducing those irritating particles that often lead to allergy flare-ups.

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Prolong the life of your heating/cooling system . . .

Dirt, dust, and other debris end up in the components of your HVAC system, making it work harder and reducing efficiency.  These particles can take a toll on your system, as damage can result to the blower, coils, and other parts essential for optimum operation.  The Air Scrubber Plus prolongs the life of your HVAC system by capturing dust, dirt, and other airborne particles before it ever enters the system via the filter.  Fewer service calls, efficient operation, an HVAC system that may last longer – and money savings on utility bills!

Did You Know?

of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses are Transmitted by the Surfaces we Touch?
reduction of surface contaminants in your home during the first 24 hours!

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