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In Dexter, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas in SE Michigan summer temperatures can get very warm while the winter season often brings frigid temperatures.  Those curious about geothermal installation and why this type of system is a good choice will find the following information enlightening.


Because the ground absorbs about 47% of the sun’s heat (energy), it is capable of sustaining consistent temperatures year round, regardless of the season.  Using an earth loop, geothermal systems can tap into this free energy!  During cold winter months, the earth loop on the heat pump extracts heat from the ground, circulating it through a conventional duct system.  During hot summer months, the process is reversed wherein heat is extracted from the air in your home.  This heat may be used to preheat water in your hot water tank, or cycled back into the earth loop.  You only have to go about four to six feet below the ground’s surface to find temperatures that stay consistent all year.

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Why geothermal?  It’s just plain smart.  An experienced geothermal contractor can tell you that there is really no other heating and cooling system that compares when it comes to the environment or saving money on comfort, whether in your home or business.  Geothermal installation is smart, allowing you to use a free, renewable source of energy.  In fact, this type of energy for heating and cooling is the most environmentally conscious according to the EPA.  No burning of fossil fuel, and the only electricity used is enough to operate the system’s compressor, fan, and pump.


Heat and cool for up to 70% less.  Imagine using the free energy source that lies beneath the surface of your property. Our geothermal contractors rely on WaterFurnace products, although there are other systems that work in a similar manner.  Geothermal installation using a WaterFurnace system allows you to enjoy comfortable air inside your home year round for much less than your neighbors pay.  For every single unit of electrical energy used, this system transmits five units of energy!  Incredible savings with no compromising comfort.


Virtually maintenance free.  When installed by a qualified geothermal contractor, this type of system will last for generations with very little or even no maintenance.  Because the compressor, pump, and fan are protected from the elements and housed indoors, all it takes to keep your system operating efficiently is changing the filter and periodic checks.


If you are considering geothermal installation, count on the experts at Haley Mechanical for all of the guidance you need to make an informed decision.  As a WaterFurnace dealer, we provide only the best to Southeast Michigan home and business owners!  Help the environment while enjoying comfort and significant money savings.  Contact us today to learn more.

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