Backflow Testing

Protect Your Water Supply with Ann Arbor-Area Backflow Testing Experts

Haley Mechanical’s team of expert plumbers is fully trained in the latest backflow testing and prevention practices to keep your residential or commercial water supply safe.

First, it’s important to understand what backflow is, in order to properly maintain a clean water supply. In a typical plumbing system, water pressure keeps clean water flowing into the home. When pipes freeze, leak, or fail, or there are unequal levels of pressure, problems can arise.

Backflow occurs when clean water reverses direction, and the resulting suction pulls dirty water into the home. This dirty water has not been treated, and contains any number of harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, or even human waste. This can cause a significant health risk if it’s consumed.

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing simply ensures that your residential or commercial plumbing system is in prime working condition. It detects any potential contaminants harmful to your health. Our team of expert plumbers can determine whether your water system meets the safety threshold for local ordinances, and is safe for your loved ones, colleagues, or whoever may be using it.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Local and state codes often require the installation of backflow prevention devices in order to keep water safe. Our team is trained and can install these devices to help protect your home or commercial property.

A backflow prevention device simply prevents water from reversing flow into the other direction, protecting you from contaminated water. This device can become critical during times of unequal water pressure, fluctuations, or adverse conditions.

Protect Your Michigan Home or Business with Haley Mechanical

Backflow testing helps ensure that the water your family is drinking is safe and clean. If you’ve had pipes burst or fail in the last year, this can be an important part of your annual maintenance routine.

Ann Arbor’s Award-Winning Plumbers

The friendly experts at Haley Mechanical can help you guarantee the safety of your water. We are fully licensed plumbers and can help with your backflow testing needs. Making sure that your water is safe may be one of the most important things you can do to keep your family safe. Contact us today!

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