Tankless water heaters for your Ann Arbor and Dexter, Michigan area home

Gas and Electric Tankless Water Heaters for your Ann Arbor and Dexter, Michigan Are Home

Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity among Ann Arbor and Dexter homeowners around southeast Michigan for several reasons. Not only do you enjoy hot water on demand and eliminate the worry of running out of hot water, this type of system is a far more “green” solution than a traditional tank water heater. At Haley Mechanical we rely on Noritz products, a leader in the industry.


When it comes to traditional and tankless water heaters, it basically boils down to convenience, efficiency, cost, and installation/maintenance. In terms of convenience, you always have hot water at your fingertips in just seconds – no waiting for the tank to heat up the water!

When it comes to efficiency, tankless is the way to go as water is only heated on demand. No wasted heating and energy when your family is sleeping or on vacation, which naturally results in lower costs. In fact, you can expect to save 40% or more on energy costs when compared to how much you would spend with a 50-gallon electric traditional water heater.


If you aren’t familiar with how tankless water heaters work, it’s fairly simple. When you turn the water on, a flow sensor detects cold water flow which causes the computer to signal gas flow to the burner which ignites and immediately heats the cold water in the heat exchanger. This means hot water is delivered almost immediately to your faucets! When finished, you simply turn the water off. Once you turn the water off, no more energy is consumed because the heater shuts down.


By making one simple change and switching from a traditional tank to a tankless water heater, you and the planet will reap the “green” benefits! As a homeowner, you enjoy substantial energy savings and do your part to reduce carbon emissions. Because there is no large tank as with traditional water heaters, you also help reduce waste in landfills which is where many water tanks go when they no longer function. Considering Noritz tankless water heaters are manufactured with replaceable, recyclable components and often last twice as long as tank water heaters, you can easily see why it makes sense.

Have you decided to make the switch? Our certified technicians are highly qualified and understand the importance of proper installation for the ultimate energy efficiency and operation. How your unit is installed depends on several factors including building code requirements, type of fuel used, climate, and more.

Have questions about tankless water heaters and whether it is the right choice for you? At Haley Mechanical we are dedicated to helping southeast Michigan homeowners run your home in a way that is seamless, energy efficient, comfortable, and better for the world we live in. We invite those in Ann Arbor, Dexter, and surrounding areas to contact us today!

Noritz NRC711 Tankless Water-Heater

Home size: Northern climate: 2 baths

Our NRC711 series is perfect for homes with 1-3 showers. When properly sized, they provide an endless supply of hot water to an entire home. With state-of-the-art gas combustion technology, Noritz burners maximize output and provide temperature stability while maintaining low emissions. Built-in features include safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment.

Noritz NRC98 Tankless Water-Heater

Home size: Northern climate: 2 baths

The ENERGY STAR rated NRC98, Noritz’s brand new ultra-high efficient condensing model, demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the green movement by expanding its newest tankless water heater product line: the ecoTOUGH Series of high efficiency, easy-to-install, gas-fired condensing tankless water heaters.

Offering a maximum input of 180,000 BTU per hour, the NRC98 Tankless Water Heater is designed to fully meet the domestic hot water needs of northern residences with two bathrooms and southern homes with three baths.

Noritz NRC111 Tankless Water-Heater

Home size: Northern climate: 3 baths

Noritz is proud to introduce our most efficient tankless heaters, the next generation in tankless technology – condensing heaters. This innovation utilizes a dual heat exchanger, a fusion of stainless steel and copper heat exchangers. The 100% stainless steel component captures the residual heat from the exhaust temperature to preheat the incoming water before it runs through the main copper heat exchanger. This results in dramatic reduction of carbon dioxide and increases the heater’s efficiency level to over 93%! Another benefit of this technology is lower exhaust temperatures, which means less costly PVC can be used for its venting. A PVC adapter is built into the heater for easy installation.

It’s the coolest and greenest tankless water heater available today! This is the highest performing condensing unit on the market today. Some other brand(s) may have a bit higher efficiency rating, but there is a fine balance between the efficiency level and flow rate performance. At Noritz we strive to maximize efficiency levels without sacrificing the hot water output, temperature fluctuations, and water pressure. Comfort and safety is something we do not compromise on.

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