Are Home Utilities Draining Your Bank Account? Tips to Keep More of Your Money

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Are Home Utilities Draining Your Bank Account? Tips to Keep More of Your Money

Owning a home in southeast Michigan – or even renting – costs money.  Considering maintenance and upkeep, mortgages, property tax, utilities, and home owners insurance, the costs can really add up.  Even when your home is paid for, the expense can still be a drain on your bank account.

Many of us simply don’t give much thought to the dozens of little things we can do to lower the cost of owning a home.  Month in and month out, we keep living life the same way we always have, never considering the wasteful things we are doing that add up to hundreds of dollars per year!  While you may not have control over some costs associated with home ownership, there is one area where you can really pare down – utilities.

Here’s how:

Wasteful AppliancesIs your deep freeze set on the coldest possible setting?  Some appliances cannot be unplugged, but some can.  Settings can be adjusted, too.  When it comes to appliances:

  • ŸSet your refrigerator at a warmer setting.  -20 degrees isn’t necessary to keep foods frozen or fresh.  The more milder temperature you set these appliances on, the less they will run.  Adjust until you’re pleased with the results of the setting.
  • Hand wash dishes using water set at low pressure unless you’re washing pots, pans, plates, and more after feeding a large crowd.
  • Consider air drying your laundry by hanging it outside, or indoors if you just have a few pieces.  While you’re at it, try washing a load of clothes on a cycle using less water.  For instance, set the load to “medium” instead of “large.”
  • ŸUse a window or wall air conditioner to cool your home?  Unplug it when not in use instead of simply turning it off.

Wasteful ElectronicsIs every electrical outlet in your home full?  Not surprising.  Many of us keep every electronic or appliance plugged in full-time, including chargeable devices.  Unplug those electronics or devices you only use occasionally, and charge computers, cell phones, etc. only as long as necessary.  Try using your laptop on battery mode instead of leaving it plugged in all day long – it works!

Faucets Dripping?  Remember those little drips add up to gallons quickly.  When you hear a “drip, drip” during the night coming from the showerhead, it can really add up.  Check kitchen and bathroom faucets to make sure they are fully turned off.  Have a drip you can’t fix?  Set a bucket or suitable size container under the drip, and use the water in other ways such as to water plants, make coffee, or clean.

At Haley Mechanical, we know it can cost a fortune to own a home in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Ypsilanti, and other areas of SE Michigan.  Put these tips to use in your home; even though each plays only a small part on its own, the combined results will make a real difference in utility costs!

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