Worried About Indoor Air Quality in Your SE Michigan Home? You Should Be!


Worried About Indoor Air Quality in Your SE Michigan Home? You Should Be!

Most homeowners in Ann Arbor, Dexter, and other cities in southeast Michigan don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the quality of the air inside their homes.  If you think everyone in your home seems to be doing just fine and there is nothing to be concerned about, you may be surprised.  The fact is, the air inside your home is more polluted than outdoor air – and filled with millions of microscopic contaminants such as pollen, dust, pet dander, insect dander, and other potential allergens.  Bacteria and other viruses put your family at an increased risk of becoming ill with a cold or the flu.

Contaminants and Indoor Air Circulation

Now you’re probably thinking, “Why am I not sick or constantly coughing and sneezing, if the air inside my home is so contaminated?” Good question. The majority of the time, your family inhales only a low concentration of these airborne contaminants. However, when you turn on a forced-air cooling or heating system after contaminants have been collecting in the duct work over time, these contaminants are blown through your air vents or registers all at once, meaning a higher concentration. The negative effects will manifest once a “large dose” of contaminants enter your indoor spaces.

Should You Consider an Air Purifier?

There is really no way to avoid using your heating and cooling system, without suffering uncomfortable temperatures. How can you improve your indoor air quality, and eliminate many of the contaminants that come into your home? Air purifiers work to remove or neutralize these contaminants, and are available in a wide array of sizes/models to meet your needs. Your family can breathe cleaner, fresher, healthier air!

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