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Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units in Ann Arbor, MI

One of the biggest advantages of having your heating and cooling system located on the roof is the space saving you will enjoy inside your Southeast Michigan business. At Haley Mechanical, our expert technicians can install, repair, and maintain rooftop units, standard in use by businesses all around the country because of the convenience and reduced waste. We know the importance of determining a rooftop system that not only is properly sized for your building but within your budget as well. We guarantee our work and are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, offering a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty so you do not have to worry if something malfunctions. With 24/7 emergency service available to Ann Arbor businesses and those in surrounding areas, you can feel confident – and comfortable.

What Are Commercial Rooftop Units?

This type of unit provides efficient heating and cooling, and as you may have guessed from the term packaged rooftop unit that is installed on the roof. A single large metal box contains the heating and cooling equipment. No wasted space inside your premises, something business owners appreciate and one reason rooftop units are so popular.

Ann Arbor and Dexter Michigan Rooftop Unit Installation

Whether you are considering replacing your current heating and air conditioning system or are building a new business, a rooftop unit is ideal. The installation professionals at Haley Mechanical will first assess the roof to determine if sufficient space is available, and which system would best meet the needs of your business. When it comes to having a rooftop unit installed it is essential to have a team of certified professionals do the work to ensure proper operation. Not only that, experienced professionals can make short work of what may otherwise become a lengthy project with someone who is not properly trained or certified.

Ann Arbor Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair

The expert technicians at Haley Mechanical can make any repairs to your rooftop unit regardless of whether we installed it. If you have any issues with your system, we can make the necessary repair quickly so you can continue operating without substantial interruption of productivity. The most common issues we hear about from commercial businesses include: Strange noise. Hissing, squealing, or other unusual noises should be checked out, as it could indicate a refrigerant leak, faulty fan belt, or another issue. Insufficient cooling or heating. You do not want your staff members or customers to suffer when inside your business, and it could impact your success. If it seems your commercial rooftop unit is not cooling or heating your business as it should, give the repair pros at Haley Mechanical a call. Air filter. Most rooftop units, like traditional HVAC systems, have an air filter that filters out insects, dust, pollen, dirt, and other contaminants, so you enjoy fresh, healthy air indoors. A clogged air filter can cause significant issues if it is not changed on a regular basis. Our rooftop unit repair technicians can take care of this for you promptly.

SE Michigan Packaged Rooftop Unit Replacement

As with any equipment, nothing lasts forever. When it comes time to replace your Ann Arbor rooftop unit, trust the professionals at Haley Mechanical for unparalleled service and installation. Like other HVAC equipment, commercial rooftop units eventually break down, fail to come on, or simply reach the end of their expected lifespan. In some cases, replacement is a better option, particularly if you are spending money on repairs constantly. A new system will also work more efficiently, adding to your comfort level and reducing energy costs. Haley Mechanical invites business owners in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas of Michigan to contact our expert rooftop unit installation, repair, and replacement technicians today!

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