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Drain Cleaning Service

Call Our Drain Cleaning Plumber for Your Whole House

Haley Mechanical employs highly trained, award-winning technicians who understand the frustration home and business owners face when a drain or sewer line is clogged or sluggish. From sink and bathtub drains that are sluggish to main sewers, floor drains, and laundry tubs, we provide complete drain cleaning services to clients in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas using quality, professional equipment to ensure your drains flow like they should. You can also trust our technicians to leave your home as clean and neat as we found it, so you do not have a mess to tend to once the work is complete.

Bathroom Sink and Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Whether in the bathroom or kitchen, drains lines can become clogged or slow running due to grease, food particles, soap, toothpaste, hair, shaving gels, and other items. This ultimately results in the drain pipe’s size being reduced, because the debris accumulates or builds up on the inside of pipe walls. Eventually, the drain line will become extremely sluggish or even completely clogged. In kitchens equipped with garbage disposals, drain problems are common. Whether your bathroom or kitchen sink drain is clogged, sluggish, or backing up, our Ann Arbor plumbing technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and advise you regarding all options so that your drains flow freely once again! We also believe in educating our customers about preventative measures you can take to avoid future drain issues.

Toilet Drain Cleaning

Nothing is worse than a clogged toilet, or one that doesn’t flush completely. Over time, mineral build-up can cause a clogged or sluggish toilet drain, as can baby wipes, feminine products, and other items not meant to be placed in the toilet. While many products today are labeled safe for flushing, the only thing that should ever be placed in the toilet is toilet tissue. Our skilled plumbing technicians will diagnose the problem, advise you of options for restoring your existing toilet to proper working order, and even provide you with information regarding the installment of a new high capacity flushing or another type of toilet if you are interested in a replacement. We are also happy to recommend preventative steps you can take to avoid issues in the future.

Tub and Shower Drain Cleaning

Every Southeast Michigan homeowner has likely experienced a sluggish or clogged drain in the tub or shower at some point, considering the dirt, grime, grease, soap, conditioner, and worst of all hair that gets trapped in the drain. Standing water is common when the shower or tub drain is partially or completely clogged. When you want your tub or shower drain to flow like new again, you can trust our technicians for exceptional solutions and outstanding results. We get the job done the first time; no clog is too tough.

Commercial Drain Service

At Haley Mechanical, our plumbing technicians have the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle all your industrial and commercial drain cleaning needs. Whether you have a problem with the main sewer, a clogged floor drain, toilet, or urinal, or need service for a clogged commercial kitchen drain or storm drain, no job is too small or too large. We also service commercial elevator drains, loading docks, and more providing services that include process piping, rodding roof heads, and other services that address sewer or drain issues in commercial or institutional environments.

Haley Mechanical – Ann Arbor’s Award-Winning Plumbers

We believe in protecting our client’s property throughout the process. Our plumbing technicians protect surrounding areas using drop cloths and tarps, and wear shoe covers to ensure your property is just as it was after the job is complete. Mold prevention and remediation, sewage removal and decontamination, and water removal are other services we provide. For all your home or business drain cleaning needs in Ann Arbor and nearby cities in Southeast Michigan, rely on the experts at Haley Mechanical! Contact us today at 734-424-9170.


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