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Frozen & Burst Pipe Repair

Frozen or burst pipes are a fact of life in the cold Ann Arbor-area winters. If this happens to you, you can depend on the area’s leading plumbing company, Haley Mechanical. Find out more about frozen and burst pipe repairs.

As the cold temperatures wreak havoc on us in Michigan, it can be rough on your plumbing. If you find yourself in need of frozen or burst pipe repairs, the experienced plumbing team at Haley Mechanical has you covered.

Frozen and burst pipes can be an overwhelming experience for any homeowner. The after-effects quickly lead to leaking pipes and broken pipes. Excess leakage can severely damage your home’s interior. If you have a pipe that’s leaking into the ceilings or walls, it’s important to contact a trusted emergency plumber who can help you immediately.

What Frozen or Burst Pipes Can Mean for Your Home

Pipes burst as the water expands in the extreme cold, as they are close to freezing. This expansion can cause an increased pressure on the walls of the pipe. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently as we face sustained sub-zero temperatures.

This can often occur when the home heating fails, or if the heat is turned down significantly during extreme cold. Sinks, tubs, appliances and pipes located along an exterior wall can face the most risk during a cold snap.

If it happens out of our normal site, it can be a long time before you notice the issue. For instance, there may have been leaking for hours before you notice it in a seldom-used bathroom. You may even discover there is an issue by realizing water pressure is low somewhere else in the house. By that time, the water could soak the nearby drywall or be dripping into the room.

Burst pipes can quickly dispense gallons of water. The final price tag to fix the pipes and the ensuing drywall can be several thousand dollars. This is why you need a plumber you can trust.

An Affordable and Dependable Option for Emergency Plumbing

Haley Mechanical’s experienced emergency plumbers will make it to your home or office right away to address the issue. We have the proper equipment to immediately locate the leak and fix the surrounding damage.

Haley Mechanical is an affordable option for emergency plumbing in the Ann Arbor area. We understand the urgency behind a frozen or burst pipe. There are a few things you can do before the plumber arrives to lessen the extent of the damage.

When you notice a frozen or burst pipe:

• Shut off the main water valve so there is nothing running through the broken pipe.
• Call the plumber right away.

We understand the temptation to fix a frozen pipe on your own, to prevent a plumbing call. Pipe bursts happen as water expands, so you can actually make the situation far worse by trying to thaw it on your own.

In the future, you can also insulate piping to ensure that it stays warm – even in the most frigid Michigan temperatures. We also recommend leaving the thermostat temperature above 60 degrees when you leave town in the winter. If the temperatures plummet while you’re out of town, you may also want to call a neighbor to check on your home.

These are all steps to help ensure that you never have to deal with another frozen or burst pipe.

Emergency Pipe Thawing or Burst Pipe Repair

Our plumbers are trained to minimize the risk to your home as they thaw pipes, and they understand how to prevent further damage from occurring. Haley Mechanical services the greater Ann Arbor and Dexter region. When you’re experiencing a frozen or burst pipe, you don’t have to wait. We can help you fix the situation right away! Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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