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Sump Pump Installation & Service

Sump Pump Installation & Service – Ann Arbor, Michigan & Surrounding Areas

Sump pumps are standard in SE Michigan homes with basements; their purpose is to remove accumulated water when flooding occurs, such as after a heavy rain. It is critical to keep your crawlspace and basement dry for many reasons, including damage to your home and the growth of mold. At Haley Mechanical, we sell, install and service one of the most trusted names in the business, Zoeller. Severe storms can cause not only damage to the roof or other aspects of your home; they often result in a basement that is pooled with water. Whether it is a couple of inches or a foot of water, the repair and restorations costs can cost a small fortune. Sump pumps are extremely efficient for removing water. Yet, it is vital to have the correct size system for your Ann Arbor home.

Battery-powered Backup Sump Pumps Offer Peace of Mind

What happens when the power goes out during heavy rain or severe storm? If your sump pump does not have a battery-powered backup system, it will not do its job. Our Southeast Michigan sump pump installation professionals know the importance of the right size and system to protect your home while keeping the flow of water under control. From installation to replacement of an old sump pump that no longer functions properly to repairs, maintenance and inspection, discharge and battery backup systems to the installation of a sump pump pit, we take care of every detail so you enjoy peace of mind knowing your most important investment is protected against flooding and the other ravages of water.

Zoeller Sump Pumps Installed in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zoeller sumps pumps are superior for residential use to remove water from heavy rains and storms and include several models depending on your individual needs. When it comes to moving wastewater and effluent (liquid waste or sewage), no other company in the industry compares to Zoeller when it comes to dependability. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a sump pump for residential use include capacity, whether it will be located in a crawlspace or basement, type (pedestal or submersible), whether there is a backup power source or battery backup should there be a power failure, types of float switch, and the construction material (plastic, steel, cast iron, etc.).

Haley Mechanical

At Haley Mechanical we know how stressful it can be when flooding rains come and result in a flood in your crawlspace or basement. Water is one of the most damaging elements for a home, so it is vital to remove it as quickly as possible. To learn more about Zoeller products and which may be the right solution for your Ann Arbor or SE Michigan home, contact the professionals at Haley Mechanical today.

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