UV Ultraviolet Lights

Ultraviolet Light to Kill Airborne Viruses

Keep Airborne Bacteria, Mold, & Viruses to a Minimum With the UV-Aire Whole Home Air Purifier

Created to release powerful UVC band light rays, the UV-Aire UV-16/24V unit will keep your AC coil clean while sterilizing and reducing airborne microorganisms. The unit is installed in the primary return or supply duct and works to neutralize airborne viruses, mold, or bacteria as they pass through your AC or heating system. Continuous operation means you enjoy purified air 24/7 with no effort on your part. Evaporative coils, also referred to as an A-Coil, is a component of the air handler in your heating/cooling system. These coils provide the ideal breeding conditions for toxic biofilm and mold that release airborne bacteria and germs into the air every time your system cycles, because they are located in moist, dark areas. By placing the UV-16/24V lamp in close proximity of the A-Coil, it remains clean which helps reduce maintenance and energy costs while helping your system run more efficiently, extending its life.

UV-Aire purifiers neutralize airborne viruses , mold, bacteria, and flu as they circulate through the ductwork of the HVAC system, and when positioned over the AC coil the UV light will keep the AC coil clean of biofilm and mold.

This innovative UV lamp neutralizes the DNA of organisms so that it is impossible for them to replicate. UV light continuously bathes the indoor air as it passes through the duct system. Considering every air molecule passes over the lamp between 75 and 150 times each day, airborne viruses, mold, and bacteria are greatly reduced. Field Controls UV-Aire units have undergone independent lab tests showing that these UV lamps have a substantial, mounting impact on the accumulation of airborne germs in your home.

An independent test conducted on Field Controls UV lamps found a single airflow pass at normal airflow rates reduced the test bacteria by 90%. Due to the fact each organism will not require the identical exposure times at the same UV output energy level, the efficiency will vary for molds and bacteria.

Wiring of 24 Volt ballast assembly is required for installation of the UV-16/24V lamp whole house air purifier.

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