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Get the Best Whole House Surge Protecor in Michigan

Some homeowners in Ann Arbor or other cities in SE Michigan have generators to keep their homes running when weather or other circumstances result in a power outage. Keeping appliances and electronics running is essential to your family, which is one reason you may be interested to learn about whole-home surge protection. This device is especially important to protect your home’s systems and appliances during an electrical storm.

What Whole Home Surge Protection Involves

A device that limits excess electrical current to guard against damage of your appliances or devices from electrical spikes, a whole-house surge protector blocks the flow of these excess currents or shorts them to the ground. Usually installed on your home’s main electrical panel, whole-house surge protectors typically use a metal oxide varistor (MOV), a feature that protects you and your home against electrical surges.

There are a variety of ways that power surges can make their way into your home. These include through cable and solar connections, A/C and other electrical systems, generator, network, and communication connections, and even pool pumps. While the surge protector is installed on the electrical service box, it’s a good idea to consider additional devices for appliances for complete protection.

Why Do Southeast Michigan Homeowners Need Whole Home Surge Protection?

Thunderstorms aren’t the only thing that can cause power surges. In addition to lightning strikes, any situation that causes grid disruptions can result in a power surge. This could be a short circuit, power company malfunction, power outage, tripped circuit breaker, electromagnetic pulses, and more. Power spikes can occur in any device or system powered by electricity. A power surge can inflict severe damage on your home’s appliances, electronics, and other accessories. This is something you want to avoid when at all possible, especially given our dependence on technology today.

From your TVs, computers, and smart devices to your refrigerator, stove, clothes dryer, and dishwasher, a power surge can literally fry the circuit board on these household items. Even a small electrical surge can damage your appliances slowly over some time, resulting in costs associated with a shortened lifespan. Why not protect the investments you have made in your home by having whole-home surge protection installed now?

Does Whole Home Surge Protection Installation Require a Professional?

We highly recommend having a trained professional install your device because there is always an element of danger when working with electricity. This is true when installing devices on electronics and appliances and on your main electrical panel.

We understand homeowners often like to tackle projects themselves; however, it is essential to know that improper installation of these devices may cause damage or improper functioning. Even worse, you put yourself in danger. Electrical wiring in the main panel is often complex, making the task even more complicated.

To be on the safe side and ensure your whole-home surge protection works as it should contact one of our professionals for installation.

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