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The #1 Coax Cable Installation Company In Ann Arbor, MI

Professional Coax Cable Installation in Ann Arbor, MI

Do you have a home or office in Ann Arbor, Michigan that needs professional cabling or wiring? At Haley Mechanical, we only use the highest quality coax cable to ensure you get the very best results, and we’re able to install coax cabling throughout your home or office right away!

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Why Choose Haley Mechanical?

At Haley Mechanical, we aim to ensure quality installations of coax cables and ensure we wire your home or office in a way that suits your requirements and keeps exposed cables to a minimum. Our clients trust us because:

Quality Coax Cable

Our professionals only use the highest quality coax cable to ensure the best results for you. Let us help you plan and deploy the right solutions for your cabling needs.

Expert Team

Hayley Mechanical provides reliable installation and support for all coax cable and coax wiring projects. Our technicians are skilled, trained, and experienced – so you’re getting nothing but the best.

Customer-Focused Service

Our coax cabling and wiring processes are built around our client’s needs. This has allowed us to deliver a personalized experience second to none. Choose us today to enjoy the Haley Mechanical difference.

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Here’s Our Proven Coax Wiring And Coax Cabling Process

At Haley Mechanical, we follow a very simple but proven 5 step process for all our Coaxial Cable Installations: 

  1. First, we pinpoint YOUR exact coax cable needs 
  2. Then we create an installation plan that not only achieves the functionality you are looking for but also keeps all cables well hidden in your home or office at a competitive price.
  3. Once the plan has been approved by YOU, we will begin wiring coax cable throughout your home or office based on your installation plan. Ensuring that visible wiring is kept at a minimum.
  4. Once the coax cable installation is complete, Haley Mechanical’s experts will run advanced tests to ensure the signals and outlets for all outlets and components. And if the signal isn’t perfect, we will also make any recommendations on how to boost the signal strength.
  5. Finally, our expert team at Haley Mechanical will do a final installation review, making sure your requirements were met exactly and were delivered cleanly, making sure all wires are hidden, and any mess left behind by our team is cleaned up for you.
Mom and Child Watching Television Connected with Coax Cable

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our coax cable installations come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and all installations are performed by certified professionals.

You can rest easy knowing our team will manage every step of the cabling and wiring process. This includes planning and installations. 

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When Installing Coax Cabling and Wires, Haley Mechanical Offers The Following Services:

  • Coax Cable Lines and Signals Tested
  • Coax Cables Terminated
  • Coax Cables and Wires Labelled
  • Lines Wall Finished
  • Switch Installation
  • Patch Panel Installation

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