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Air Purification and Filtration

Air Purification and Filtration Solutions for Southeast Michigan Homeowners

At Haley Mechanical, we provide Ann Arbor, Dexter, and southeast Michigan homeowners with the best in air purification and filtration products.  As an authorized Lennox® dealer, we know the importance of clean, fresh air for the health of your home and family.  Air purifiers work to remove pollen, dust mites, mold spores, smoke, odors, pet dander, and other allergens while quality air filtration systems capture even the tiniest airborne particles that may contribute to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Air purification systems include those referred to as ionizers, systems that use a HEPA or activated carbon filter, antibacterial filters, and more.  The effectiveness of these filtration systems varies; some are extremely effective for removing germs, while others are effective for trapping even the smallest particles or odors.  It all depends on the type of system and filter you use, which is why we trust Lennox®!

Air Purification System – The single solution to all indoor air pollutants, the PureAir Air Purification system combats germs and bacteria, odors, and airborne particles.  In fact, this system is capable of filtering out more than 95% of particles as tiny as .3 microns.  An energy smart solution that uses very little electricity, the PureAir system reduces ozone and breaks down vapors and chemical smells.  Fresh air, and a safer home.

Carbon Clean 16® Media Air Cleaner is the #1 rated whole-home filtration system, removing more than 95% of particles by combining MERV 16 filtration with activated carbon-coated fibers, ideal for attacking bacteria, viruses, mold, and other allergens that contribute to asthma and respiratory issues.  Keep your HVAC system free of dust buildup, and extend its operating life with the Carbon Clean 16®.

Healthy Climate® HEPA system is the same technology used today in hospital and other medical settings, and removes almost all particles and contaminants in your home. Offering true HEPA performance, the Healthy Climate® HEPA system is capable of removing 99.97% of the tiniest particles – healthier air for your lungs.  Integrating seamlessly with your existing heating/cooling system, you enjoy unobstructed airflow from your system along with powerful filtration.

Healthy Climate® UV germicidal lights offer the highest UV light intensity available on the market today.  Destroying contaminants such as mold and bacteria, the Healthy Climate® UV germicidal lights prevent the growth and spreading of contaminants in your home, reducing concentrations of airborne contaminants by 50% within minutes.  Because of the ability of germicidal lights to kill contaminates in ductwork, your HVAC system stays cleaner and runs at its most efficient.  As with other Lennox® air purification and filtration systems, germicidal lights work without producing ozone.

At Haley Mechanical, we want to help you enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air while reducing airborne bacteria and contaminants that can impact your family’s health and affect the operation/longevity of your heating and cooling system.  Call us today and learn more about Lennox® solutions, the most trusted and reputable name in the business.

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