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Water Bottle Filling Stations

Healthier, cleaner water is at your disposal with the Elkay filtered ezH20 bottle filling station, as it minimizes potentially dangerous or harmful contaminants such as lead. Providing a quick fill of drinking water while supporting a better environment, ezH20 bottle filling stations reduced plastic bottle waste and make it easy to put clean, healthy water within reach of your customers, employees, and others. Delivering clean water in a system designed sustainably is our commitment; the ezH20 is an award-winning product line that focuses on innovation and expansion of offerings.

Touchless Operation

Fill the bottle without holding it; place the bottle in the sensor-activated filler and enjoy hands-free operation.

No Standing Water

Equipped with a real drain system, standing water in the basin will never be a problem.

Stay Informed About the Number of Plastic Bottles Saved From Waste

Using refillable bottles to save from waste is essential. With the ezH20 bottle filling stations, you know how many 20 oz. plastic bottles you have eliminated from waste – the exclusive Green Ticker tells you.

No Mold or Mildew Growth Concerns

Antimicrobial protection is provided on all of the units’ key plastic components, so you never have to be concerned about the growth of mold and/or mildew.

Splashing is Minimal

Thanks to a laminar flow of water, reusable bottles and cups are filled with clean water with very little or no splashing.

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