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Modine Hot Dawg Garage & Workspace Heaters

Hot Dawg Residential Gas & Hydronic Unit Heaters

Heating your residential workshop, garage, or another outbuilding can be a challenge. Haley Mechanical is now offering a great way to block the chill for those in Southeast Michigan – the Modine Hot Dawg heaters available for use with gas or a hydronic model, the Hot Dawg H2O for use with a hot water boiler. Three new appearance packages along with a Special Edition black model are now available in celebration of Modine’s 100th anniversary.

Modine Hot Dawg Garage Heater

Model HD – Hot Dawg Power-Exhausted Gas-Fired Unit Heater

Features include:

  • Operates using natural or propane gas
  • Super quiet operation
  • Permanently-lubricated motor means trouble-free reliability
  • Easy to install & lightweight, installs 1 inch from the ceiling using two angle brackets (comes with sizes 30-75, a separate accessory for 100, 125)
  • Small diameter vent pipe & standard power exhaust makes a roof or side-wall venting simple
  • Single or two-stage direct spark ignition controls, 100% shut-off with sustained retry
  • The heat exchanger has a full 10-year warranty
  • All 30-75 units offer right or left-hand controls. Flip the Hot Dawg over and changing gas, electric and flue connectors is a simple task
  • Neutral color & low-profile design allows the heater to blend seamlessly with the decor
  • Knockouts for quick access to electricity & gas, field wiring connections for fast installation
Modine Hot Dawg HDS Workspace Heater

Model HDS – Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Gas-Fired Unit Heater

Features include:

  • All of the features available with the HD above
  • Reduced maintenance & greater durability thanks to a fresh air supply that reduces environmental concerns such as excess dirt, dust, or humidity
  • Increased overall heating efficiency as combustion air is drawn from outside
  • Because combustion air is drawn from outside the heater has clean, fresh air to breathe
Hot Dawg H2O for Hot Water Boilers

Hot Dawg H2O for Hot Water Boilers

Features include:

  • Vertical or horizontal air delivery as unit can be mounted perpendicular, parallel or between joists
  • Easy, flexible installation
  • Noise & vibration kept to a minimum with vibration isolating mounting brackets
  • Twin centrifugal blowers mean no external components – all moving parts located inside heavy gauge steel cabinet
  • Robust internal coil capable of managing water temperature of up to 200° Fahrenheit and water pressures up to 150PSI
  • Low-profile design
  • Finger-proof inlet air openings on side panel


As a Modine Hot Dawg dealer, Haley Mechanical is proud to offer you and additional year on parts coverage, for a total of 3 years.

Haley Mechanical

Depending on your heating needs and the model you choose, Hot Dawg Gas-Fired Heaters can provide between 30,000 and 125,000 Btu/Hr, input for applications that range from the size of a small garage to large spaces. With the Hot Dawg H2O heater BTU/hr ranges from 20,600 to 36,600 depending on model, airflow, and whether operated at 140° or 180° Fahrenheit.

To learn more about Hot Dawg heaters and how they can warm up your garage or workspace, contact Haley Mechanical today. We proudly serve customers in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Ypsilanti, Howell, and nearby cities throughout SE Michigan.

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