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Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

AC Service From Haley Mechanical

When the Ann Arbor area gets cold, it gets very, very cold. As you know, though, summers here can be quite warm. From June through mid-September, we need our AC — for the heat and sometimes humidity as well.

How’s your unit working these days? When was the last time you had it checked by one of our detail-focused Haley Mechanical technicians? In fact, why not set up an appointment now? The warm weather will be here before you know it!

Signs Your AC Unit Might Need a Professional Check

  • It’s more than ten years old.
  • It’s had more than a few repairs in the past year or so.
  • Your energy seems unusually high in the warmer months.
  • What your thermostat reads isn’t the temperature you feel.
  • Unusual noises are coming from the condenser unit.
  • There’s frequent on-off cycling.
  • There’s ice on the condenser coils.

Don’t ignore these signs or others you notice! They’re clear indications that your AC unit needs attention. Don’t delay servicing now, or you might be looking at an uncomfortable summer.

Air Conditioner Installation 

At Haley Mechanical, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of high-quality air conditioners from two of the most trusted brands in the industry: Bryant and Lennox. Each brand brings its unique strengths to the table, ensuring that you have access to the best cooling solutions for your home. Here’s an overview of the models we showcase from both brands. Our primary focus is providing top-notch air conditioner installation services to ensure your new system runs efficiently and effectively. 

Bryant Air Conditioners 

Why Choose Bryant? 

Bryant has been a leading name in home comfort since 1904, known for its innovative technology and reliable performance. Bryant air conditioners are designed to provide efficient, quiet, and consistent cooling, ensuring your home stays comfortable even during the hottest days. With a focus on energy efficiency and advanced features, Bryant offers solutions that not only keep you cool but also help you save on energy bills. Our expert air conditioner installation ensures these units operate at peak performance. 

Bryant Supreme Air Conditioner

Supreme AC: Evolution™ 189BNV AC 

  • Efficiency: 19 SEER2 
  • Energy Star® Certified 
  • Variable-Capacity Compressor 
  • Quiet Operation: Down to 56 decibels 
  • Advanced Technology: 5 stages of variable speed for precise cooling 
Bryant Premium Air Conditioner

Premium AC: Preferred™127T AC 

  • Efficiency: 17 SEER2 
  • Two-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • Energy Star® Certified
  • Enhanced Summer Dehumidification 
  • Sound Rating: As low as 71 dB
Bryant Preferred Air Conditioner

Deluxe AC: Preferred™ 126S AC 

  • Efficiency: 16.5 SEER2 
  • Single-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • Energy Star® Certified 
  • Smart Technology: Remote Access when paired with ecobee 
  • Sound Rating: As low as 72 dB 

Lennox Air Conditioners 

Why Choose Lennox? 

Lennox has been a pioneer in the heating and cooling industry for over a century. Known for their cutting-edge technology and commitment to energy efficiency, Lennox air conditioners are built to deliver superior performance with minimal environmental impact. Lennox products are synonymous with innovation, offering features that enhance comfort and provide precise temperature control. Trust our air conditioner installation services to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your Lennox unit. 

Lennox Supreme Air Conditioner

Supreme AC: Lennox® EL23XCV AC 

  • Efficiency: 22 SEER 
  • Energy Star® Certified 
  • Variable-Capacity Compressor 
  • Sound Dampening System: For ultra-quiet operation 
Lennox Premium Air Conditioner

Premium AC: Lennox® EL18XCV AC 

  • Efficiency: 18 SEER2 
  • Variable-Speed Air Conditioner 
  • Energy Star® Certified 
  • Dynamic Adaptation: Adjusts temperature and humidity based on conditions 
  • Sound Rating: As low as 72 dB 
Lennox Deluxe Air Conditioner

Deluxe AC: Lennox® EL17AX1 AC 

  • Efficiency: 17.2 SEER2 
  • Single-Stage Compressor 
  • Energy Star® Certified 
  • Smart Technology: Works with Lennox Smart Thermostat 
  • Sound Rating: As low as 72 dB 

Air Conditioner Installation is a critical component of ensuring that your new system operates efficiently and effectively. Whether you choose Bryant or Lennox, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-of-the-line air conditioner that offers both efficiency and comfort. Contact Haley Mechanical today to learn more about our air conditioner installation services and find the perfect fit for your home. 

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