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Furnace Installation

When brutal cold weather moves into southeast Michigan, don’t get left out in the cold!

A Lennox® gas furnace will help you save on heating costs and stay warm despite the frigid temps outside.

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The Benefits of a Lennox® Gas Furnace

Lennox® Gas furnaces offer the ultimate in quality and efficiency, keeping your home thoroughly heated while saving money and energy at the same time!

With a Lennox® Gas Furnace, you’ll enjoy:

  • Efficiency ratings ranging from 80% to as high as 98.7% AFUE provide minimum fuel waste while saving you hundreds of dollars per year
  • Dual-fuel systems are comprised of a gas furnace and electric heat pump, delivering energy efficiency and maximum comfort
  • Innovations like their Precise Comfort® technology allow you to maintain the perfect home temperature (within .05 degrees of your ideal temp!)
  • SilentComfort technology offers peace and quiet upon start-up and during operation
  • ENERGY STAR® certified models may qualify for local utility rebates and federal energy tax credits
  • Lennox® gas and oil furnaces are manufactured with the highest-quality materials, providing dependable operation for years to come

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Lennox Furnace - SLP98V

SLP98V Variable-capacity gas furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 98.7

Precise Comfort® technology allows the SLP98V to keep the temperature held exactly where you want it. Heat is even throughout your home, with no cold spots. If it sounds perfect, it’s because it is.

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Lennox SL280V Furnace

SL280V Variable-speed, Two-stage Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 97.5

A variable-speed blower maintains comfort with an adjustable flow of air, preventing temperature swings and blasts of air when your system starts.

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Lennox EL296V Furnace

EL296V Variable-speed, Two-stage Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96

Variable-speed airflow means consistent comfort. The EL296V can adjust its airflow speed, allowing it to gently disperse even heat throughout your home. Variable-speed airflow also prevents blasts of air when the system starts.

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Lennox EL196E Furnace

Lennox EL196E Furnace

EL196E Gas FurnaceEfficiency Rating (AFUE): 96

It’s not just intelligent. It’s intelligently efficient. Find comfort in being “energy-smart.” Comfort and energy savings, in one convenient package.

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Lennox ML196E Furnace

ML196E Gas Furnace

Efficiency Rating (AFUE): 96

Single-stage, 96% fuel-efficient gas furnace with Power SaverTM constant-torque motor design.

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Furnace Repair

Haley Mechanical’s skilled service technicians can save you money by extending the lifespan of your furnace!

We understand when you need furnace repair or replacement. If your furnace is less than twenty years old, repairs are often the solution.

Our service professionals have experience with the following common furnace problems:

  • Faulty Wiring
  • Continuous Blowing of Hot AIr
  • Gas Leaks
  • Part Replacements, Including Pulleys, Motors & Belts
  • Emergency Repairs

If your furnace needs repairs, don’t wait. Putting off necessary repairs can often lead to a more expensive problem and cause an even greater inconvenience down the road.

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Our Process for Furnace Repair

  1. Step One: Call us at 1-734-304-8980 or visit our website to set up an appointment with our service crew.
  2. Step Two: We will arrange a convenient time to come to your house and examine your furnace. We make sure that your furnace problems are attended to as quickly as possible and don’t leave you waiting for answers.
  3. Step Three: Our service professionals will visit and diagnose your furnace repair. Before we perform the needed repair work, we will go over your options with you so you stay informed every step of the way. We’ll also provide an estimate so you know how much the expected repairs will cost.
  4. Step Four: Once we’ve discussed the best options with you and you’ve made a decision on how to proceed, we’ll start the repairs. Often, the necessary repairs will be completed in a matter of hours.
  5. Step Five: Avoid unnecessary repairs in the future by scheduling regular furnace maintenance with Haley Mechanical.

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Furnace Maintenance

Make sure that your home stays warm when it’s bitter cold outdoors with regular furnace maintenance!

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your furnace, maintain warranty coverage, and help you avoid unnecessary inconvenience and emergency repairs in the future.

Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

When the harsh Michigan winter sets in, no one wants to have to deal with a faulty furnace. But, there are some things you can do to make sure your furnace is prepared to take on the long, cold winter in its top condition.

  • The heating pump should be placed above snow levels to make sure it can run efficiently.
    A stone base can help keep the coils free of dirt or grass.
  • Regularly replace the air filter – A dirty filter can lead to many problems with today’s furnaces. Cleaning or replacing the filter on a monthly basis will prevent the furnace from having to work excessively hard.
  • Check the battery on your thermostat – Uneven heating through the home can be due to the battery in your thermostat. If you replace the battery it often resolves this issue. This is often the easiest solution to this problem. If the uneven heating persists, contact a professional.

Everyone should schedule an annual furnace maintenance service by qualified professionals.

Annual furnace maintenance is a must if you want to maintain your furnace’s warranty. If you have an older furnace, it’s best to schedule an annual maintenance check-up every six months.
These are the intervals most often recommended for furnace service industry-wide.

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Furnace Maintenance Pricing

Our average service ticket ranges between $274 and $447. However, depending on your individual furnace maintenance, service or repair, prices may be lower or higher than the average.


Why Choose Haley Mechanical for Your Furnace Needs?

  • Increased Comfort: Count on our service technicians to thoroughly clean your entire heating system, including the burners, so that your furnace performs efficiently all winter long.
  • Increased Lifespan: Whether you choose a new furnace or call us for furnace repair, or maintenance, we’ll go the extra mile to maintain your furnace in its’ top condition for as long as possible.
  • Save Money & Energy: By having your furnace maintained and repairs performed as needed, you’ll keep your costs lower and your furnace operating smoothly.
  • Avoid Breakdowns: Regular service and maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns in the future.

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Lennox Heating & Cooling System Rebates



Start with up to $1,100 in system rebates.*

Save on a complete qualifying Lennox home comfort system that includes a gas furnace or blower coil, an air conditioner or heat pump and thermostat. Enjoy additional product rebates when you purchase an iComfort S30 ultra smart thermostat, iHarmony zoning and a PureAir S air purification system. System must be purchased between September 7, 2020 through November 27, 2020.