How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Uninterruptedly?

Generac Generator Powering a House
Generac Generator Powering a House

Most power outages are brief. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the average energy consumer must be without power for four hours yearly.

However, other people have far longer outages, prompting them to ask how long Generac generators can run continuously. What if they have to wait days or weeks for the utility company to restore power? Finding out what to do in this situation is critical in maintaining your generator power source. 

Run Times for a Generac Generator

If your generator is in good working order, it will continue to run as long as the fuel lasts, similar to a car. The running time is proportional to the amount of diesel or gas fed into it.

You may be able to provide your Generac with fuel indefinitely if you have a gas generator and receive natural gas through the main pipes to your home. The fuel that your generator uses is constantly replenished by gas from the main lines, so the unit may be able to run for weeks at a time. That is, if there are no mechanical issues that pop up.

When propane stored in a tank is used, the running times are not infinite, but they are still significant. You can usually get a couple of weeks of use out of the generator before you will need to refill the propane tank. 

Whatever the type, if there is fuel and the engine is maintained properly, it will continue to run. Some are hardwired into the fuel lines, while others are portable and will need fuel fed to them.

Problems with Maintenance

Whole-house generators, like automobile engines, require regular maintenance to be in good working order. Wear and tear, as with any equipment with moving parts, can be severe.

These machines use oil, as with any motor, and will need this oil changed every couple of days with continuous use. For every fifty hours of continuous use, you need to replace the oil in your generator. This equates to about once every couple of days. This seems to be something that many people miss or forget. However, this is very important in keeping your generator running properly.

Generators, Both Portable and Standby

Generac generators are classified into two types: standby and portable. This influences how long they can provide power.

Standby generators connect directly to the main lines or established fuel sources on your property. Generac workers, for example, will connect your unit to the main natural gas pipelines feeding your property. As previously stated, this type of generator can provide power indefinitely with proper maintenance. Don’t forget to replace the oil every couple of days when this happens.

Portable units are easier to move. These generators must be constantly fed fuel while in use. Therefore, they can only provide electricity for a short duration. However, they will continue to run if you keep fuel in them. Again, don’t forget to replace the oil during long durations of running.

Considerations for Wattage

The length of time your Generac generator runs continuously is also determined by the wattage requirements of your home. You will need to purchase a generator that will meet the demands of your home. Haley Mechanical would be happy to discuss this with you and determine the size that would best suit your needs.

Obviously, the power you utilize and if you have a limited fuel supply, the shorter the time your Generac generator will run. If you connect your generator to the main lines, wattage issues are irrelevant. On the other hand, extending your unit’s maximum rated power output is unsafe and may decrease its life.

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