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Is Your Sump Pump Ready for Potential Snow Melt Flooding?

We’ve had more than our fair share of snow this winter, and now temperatures are on the rise in southeast Michigan. For homeowners and businesses, this could mean potential problems. While we’re all ready for warmer weather, rapidly melting snow can lead to flooding – and ultimately, damage to your belongings or even the foundation of your home. Do you own a sump pump, and if so, is it prepared to do its job?

Most people think of sump pumps as a piece of equipment necessary in spring or fall, when rainfall may be heavier. Water is water, and rapidly melting snow can cause the same damage as periods of heavy rainfall. The soil surrounding your foundation and basement becomes over saturated, which may result in flooding or even structural damage.

If you already own a sump pump, don’t put off checking its operation

If you’re an SE Michigan homeowner who has already invested in a sump pump, smart move. However, it’s important to check your sump pump to make certain it’s operating properly. Water should be discharging correctly, and the check valve inspected to ensure it is properly fitted so that water doesn’t flow back through the line in the opposite direction you want it to go. If you have an exterior sump pump, check to make sure the ground pipe or drainpipe isn’t blocked with ice so that water can be pumped out properly. Also take a look at any drain or downspout extensions to ensure they haven’t sustained damage caused by ice or heavy snow, as damage may prevent the melting snow from moving away from your foundation.

Having a sump pump can save your home or business from substantial damage and costly repairs, however, it’s important that you don’t wait until the last minute to make sure it’s functioning as it should. According to experts at Home Depot, this is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. They recommend checking the float switch as well, lifting it up to ensure the pump kicks on. Mike Thom suggests that homeowners can quickly test the operation of their sump pumps by dropping a five-gallon bucket of water in the basin to make sure the water level rises and that the sump pump draws it out.

At Haley Mechanical, we want to help homeowners be prepared for the big thaw that while certainly a welcome relief from frigid temperatures, could result in damage to your home. If you have a sump pump, don’t put off checking to make sure it’s operating as it should. If you’re a home or business owner in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Canton, Howell, or other community in southeast Michigan who does not have a sump pump, give us a call today. Haley Mechanical offers award-winning plumbers for the Ann Arbor area.

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