Spring, the Ideal Season to Replace Your Cooling & Heating System

Spring, the Ideal Season to Replace Your Cooling & Heating System

With just a few weeks left during the spring season, if you are considering replacement of the heating and cooling system in your southeast Michigan home, now’s the time to do it!  Why is spring the ideal time for a replacement?

Specials and savings.  Many manufacturers offer special deals and savings during the spring season.  To learn if there are special incentives available or how you can save money by purchasing a system now rather than waiting, be sure to check out the Lennox Promotions Page.

Weather.  Consider how hot it may during summer months, and think about the frigid temperatures in winter months in Michigan.  Doesn’t it make sense to have your air conditioning system replaced during spring when temperatures are mild and comfortable?  If it takes a few hours or even a day to install your new system, you will not be suffering extreme heat or cold!

Is replacement the best option for you?

SE Michigan homeowners often debate whether to repair or replace, especially when it seems that repairs are becoming necessary more and more often.  Can you repair it one more time and hope it lasts through the season or is it time to replace?  Consider these factors:

  • Repair costs
  • Efficiency
  • Your equipment

When repair costs are adding up, it may be more cost-effective over the long term to simply replace your heating and cooling system.  If you are experiencing constant repair bills and wonder when the next break down is coming, it is probably time to replace.  The cost will not seem so hard to bear when you consider the utility rebates and tax incentives a new, high-efficiency system often qualifies for.

Modern, high-efficiency systems provide the ultimate in comfort while using substantially less energy.  HVAC systems increase in efficiency every year; when you have a modern system installed, you will enjoy lower energy costs each month.

How old is your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace?  No equipment lasts forever, no matter how well maintained.  Furnaces usually last about 15 to 20 years, while air conditioners and heat pumps usually have a life span of about 10 to 12 years.  If your system has gone beyond its life span, you may be counting down the days (or even minutes) before it finally breaks down for good.  Not only that, there are so many features today that enhance convenience and comfort, such as air quality monitoring, remote operation via your smartphone, and proactive energy savings, another feature that works using GPS on a smartphone.

Dealer-offered financing helps you afford more system

Dealer-offered financing makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy even greater comfort and efficiency, as the ability to finance your new home comfort system rather than spending a significant amount of money all in one fell swoop means you can get more system!  The advantages of spending more on a high-quality, high-efficiency system include:

Additional features.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate with your system?  You can have maximum control over humidity and temperature and enjoy energy savings via a thermostat that adapts system use to your schedule in real time by upgrading to a system you can communicate with.

Savings over the long haul.  While initial costs may be more, financing helps you spread the expense over time so that you can easily manage your finances while enjoying the highest efficiency air handlers, furnaces, air conditioners, or heat pumps.  Ultimately, the more you spend on high-efficiency equipment, the more you can save each month on utility costs.  In fact, in some cases, you can save up to 50% when compared to less efficient, standard equipment!

Better system performance.  Financing makes it possible for you to purchase the entire heating & cooling system, so you are not forced to replace components piece by piece as they fail. This means you are getting the most modern, efficient system with components designed to work together for the ultimate in functioning and efficiency.  Superior performance, more control, and savings on monthly energy costs.  What could be better?

As a Lennox dealer, Haley Mechanical can help you choose the system that’s ideal for your home and comfort needs.  Give us a call today, and enjoy the benefits of financing and having your system installed during the spring season!

Financing available

Make no payments until 2023 and pay as little as $132 a month when you finance a new Lennox system. Talk to a comfort advisor today!