Ductless Systems May Be the Best Solution for Your Ann Arbor Home

Why Mitsubishi mini-split systems are the best for Ann Arbor, MI residents.

Efficacious room temperature control is about efficiency and comfort, delivering the right amount of cooling and heating while using less energy. The Mitsubishi Mini Split system allows you to provide innovative and effective energy solutions to both commercial and residential spaces. It is the ideal answer for heating or cooling uncomfortably cool or hot spaces without the hassle usually associated with the traditional centrally ducted systems. Regardless of the size of the space you want to cool or heat, Mitsubishi Mini Split systems provide the energy and the flexibility to get the work done. The compact units fit almost anywhere and do not require a window or a duct and run very quietly. So whether you have a special cooling or heating need or you would like to control the temperature in a space with no windows or duct in Ann Arbor, MI, trust Mitsubishi Mini Split systems to provide quality and trusted value for any cooling or heating project.

Interior design flexibility

Unlike other add-on cooling and heating systems, the Mitsubishi mini-split offers more flexibility. You can mount it on a drop ceiling, hung it on a wall or be suspend it from a ceiling. Also the indoor units are only 7 to 8 inches deep and have high tech, sleek looking jackets. Some also come with a remote control that allows users to easily turn it off or on when it is suspended from a ceiling or positioned high on a wall.

Better Performance

Compared to traditional air conditioners, this mini-split system has over 40 percent better-operating efficiency. Moreover, there are good reasons for this. First, there are no cooling or heating losses caused by convoluted, lengthy or leaky duct runs. Also, their compressors have inverters that adjust their output and speed in response to thermostat demand. All these features remove the typical AC start or stop cycles, which enhance general operating efficiency as well as the machine life.

They are easy to install

Unlike the traditional ducted systems which can take up to 2 weeks to install, Mitsubishi mini-split systems are very easy to install and depending on the number of outdoor and indoor units that you require, they can be up and running efficiently in a day or two. You also do not need to worry about rebuilding ceilings or walls around ductwork because they run on very small pipes that only require a 2inch hole.

Ideal for the Ann Arbor Climate

Whether it is too hot or too cold, the Mitsubishi mini-split will help you end the struggle of comfort vs. cost. The units do not use ducts, so you do not have to worry about losses associated with duct central forced air systems. They only use the energy required to maintain comfort in the room, and they adjust automatically if anything changes. In fact, they are 40 percent more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Comfort Control

The units can easily transform up to 8 large rooms from extremely hot or cold spaces to serene and comfortable spaces. They also use a wireless thermostat capability to link with your tablet, smartphone or PC for easy control. This makes it very easy to use, and it delivers maximum comfort.

Final Word

The Mitsubishi Mini Split is not only a great solution for new or whole home constructions in Ann Arbor, MI, but it also makes a perfect retrofit add-on to spaces with non-ducted cooling and heating systems. It can also be an excellent option for room additions where installing or extending distribution duct-work is not possible or in energy-efficient homes that only require small conditioning systems. They can fit anywhere and can be installed even in tight spaces, or suspended or recessed from the ceiling.