Ideal Temperatures for Storage When Organizing Your Home

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to get your home organized and clear the clutter.  You may not realize it, but storing away cherished family photos, heirlooms, and other important items in the garage or attic may not be the best idea.  Many of us are guilty of just cramming things in a closet or anywhere that’s convenient at the moment, thinking we will organize it later.  When storing and organizing your home, the temperature should be taken into consideration to protect from possible damage.

Of course, totes and boxes make it easier to organize your home, but this isn’t enough.  Here are some tips that will help you keep your New Year’s resolution.

Holiday decorations.  Many homeowners have decorations for every season.  You want to be able to use it each year, so protecting it is vital.  Bubble wrap is good to protect from breakage, and placing your decor in a plastic tote protects from rodents, bugs, moisture, etc.  A damp basement isn’t the best place for storage, so make sure you put away your bins in an area that isn’t susceptible to significant temperature or humidity fluctuations.  Label your totes so you can easily find what you need next time.

Photos and artwork.  Whether old family photos, valuable paintings, or those cherished pieces of artwork your children have created over the years, storing these items at the proper temperature is critical to preserving them and protecting from damage.  Clear plastic totes protect from moisture and dust, and temperatures ranging between 70 and 75 degrees are ideal.  You will also want to keep humidity levels at about 50%, as too much moisture can cause your photos to stick together.  If you have several paintings, use racks to separate them when stacking to protect from potential damage.

Clothing.  Storing your clothing in a dark area away from sunlight is essential to keeping your clothes looking new year after year.  Before putting away in a cabinet or on a closet shelf, wash the clothes you will be storing and make sure they’re thoroughly dry.  Avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures, and aim for about 50 to 55% humidity levels to protect from dampness.

No matter where you intend to store your clothing, artwork, holiday decor, or other items you’re putting away to get your home organized, a ductless mini-split system will help ensure the perfect temperature and humidity level.  Contact Haley Mechanical today to learn how these systems could transform your shed, basement, or garage into the ideal storage space.

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