How Often Should Boilers Be Serviced?

How often should boilers be serviced? This is a question many Southeast Michigan homeowners don’t know the answer to. While your boiler should be maintained regularly, does that mean each year, each month, or what exactly? Our boiler and heating professionals have the answers you are looking for.

How Often Should Your Boiler Be Serviced?

Your boiler should be serviced each year, which is sufficient to limit wear and ensure it functions properly. Additionally, having your boiler serviced annually will keep the warranty valid in most cases. Your home insurance may not cover any issues in some cases if you fail to have your boiler serviced every year.

Moving to a New Home?

When you move to a new home, you may not be sure when the previous owner had the boiler serviced. To protect against any potential problems, have the boiler serviced so that you know for a fact it is done and can schedule annual servicing from that point forward.

Is Your Boiler Running Inefficiently?

A boiler that seems inefficient could indicate serious, more costly problems. While this isn’t always the case, at the very least, the lack of efficiency is resulting in higher operating costs. If it’s been longer than a year or your boiler isn’t functioning as it usually does, have it serviced.

Summer and Fall are the Ideal Times to Schedule Service

The cold winter months are when you use your boiler heavily, so the best time to have annual service is during the “off” season when technicians typically have a lighter workload. Boiler repair & maintenance technicians will be able to get to you sooner rather than later, and you will be set for the winter season knowing your home will be warm and toasty. July or August is a good time to schedule a boiler service.

Don’t Put Service Off Until You Experience a Problem

Homeowners often put boiler service off when things seem to be humming along; after all, if it isn’t broke, why fix it? You may think you’re wasting money by having your boiler serviced when it’s operating efficiently, but waiting until it isn’t working as well will likely cost more than just having it maintained each year. Don’t put it off – have your boiler serviced each year.

Schedule Your Yearly Boiler Service Now

Perhaps you aren’t sure when your boiler was last serviced, or you didn’t have it done over the summer months. Now that you know how often boilers should be serviced, make an appointment now, before temperatures get colder in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities in SE Michigan. Call Haley Mechanical today for friendly, fast, reliable service.

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