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Preventive Measures We Take During Flu and Virus Season

This is the prime time of year for viruses and flu, and while this season the concerns are more far-reaching, comfort is still important – especially considering you may be spending more time at home than usual. Homeowners in Ann Arbor and throughout southeast Michigan rely on their HVAC systems for a cozy, comfortable space. That said, our heating and cooling technicians are responsible for keeping your equipment in good working order. 

While we are serious about keeping our community safe and preventing the spread of viruses or other illnesses throughout the year, we want to remind you of some of the preventive measures we take in an effort to keep flu or emergent viruses in check. 

You can help by doing your part, which is simple. If someone in your household is ill, contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Haley Mechanical Flu Season Protocol

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds. This is mandatory and performed not only after visiting the bathroom, but at every break. Thoroughly washing hands is the simplest way to avoid spreading germs.

Hand sanitizer is supplied in all of our company vehicles and used following customer interactions, deliveries, or prior to entering another establishment.

Disposable gloves are used when possible for removing filters, trash, or other items at customers’ homes or place of business. Wash hands right away upon disposing of gloves.

Customer service reps inquire about illness when confirming appointments. As mentioned earlier, if you or a family member are sick we ask that you reschedule your appointment.

Anti-bacterial wipes are provided in our vehicles and are used to thoroughly wipe down all devices we use following every interaction with customers. You know that the equipment we bring in to diagnose or make repairs is sanitized to prevent spread of germs or viruses.

Proper storage and removal of trash. Air filters and other trash taken from customer homes is contained completely within a trash bag and removed immediately from vehicles for trash pick-up by field staff.

Items brought in from homes where someone is being treated for the flu are disinfected prior to entering Haley Mechanical’s office or company vehicles, or before entering a customer’s home. Our technicians relay any information regarding customer illness to managers.

Call in sick. If any technician is ill or has symptoms similar to those of the flu, he/she communicates with the manager by calling in. We do our part not to spread those germs and viruses around!

At Haley Mechanical we have a device that cleans air circulating throughout our premises, the Clear Sky DM by RGF Environmental Group. If you are in the SE Michigan area you can rely on our team to not only ensure your family’s comfort, but to support wellness during a tough flu and virus season. Give us a call today!

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