Fall is Here, Time to Focus on a Comfortable, Cozy Michigan Home

October is quickly moving toward November, temperatures are chilly, and you can already smell the pumpkin pie you will have for Thanksgiving. Keeping your home warm and cozy is important, but it does require a little effort on your part to keep costs down. Our SE Michigan HVAC professionals have a few suggestions for a cozy, energy efficient home.

Ensure your heating system is functioning at its best.

Before the frigid temperatures set in it is a good idea to schedule a fall HVAC maintenance check. Our professional heating technicians will thoroughly inspect all components of your system and ensure it is clean and operate at maximum efficiency. Additionally, your fall check-up will make it possible to catch any small issues that could potentially turn into a huge (and costly) headache, so that you can enjoy warmth and comfort all fall and winter long.

Consider a Lennox Ultra Smart Thermostat

As a Lennox dealer, we know the advantages of Ultra Smart Thermostats for the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency. When your family is at home and up for the day, set the thermostat at the lowest temperature that doesn’t compromise your comfort. When you are away at work, sleeping, or out for the day, you will enjoy saving approximately 10% annually on your utility bill by merely turning the thermostat down 10 or 15 degrees over an eight-hour period!

Learn how to save on energy room to room

From turning the lights off and making the switch to LED or CFL bulbs instead of fluorescent and using light dimmers, you can find more ways than you could imagine to save on energy consumption and costs all around the house.

Also keep in mind that it is a good idea to close the damper on the fireplace when you are not burning wood, as warm air escapes right up to the chimney when you leave it open, similar to an open window. Close the flue if you have a wood burning stove when not using it.

Air leaks around windows & doors are a significant factor

Even the tiniest crack, hole, or leak can compromise your comfort and result in higher utility bills. Check around all windows and exterior doors for air leaks, and use caulk to fill any gaps or cracks. Weather stripping should be replaced when worn, and don’t forget to use door and window snakes to keep out cold drafts. Heavy drapes or curtains also prevent heat loss, and window insulation film keeps you warm while keeping cold air at bay.

Let the sunshine in

In areas of your home that face the sun, open up the curtains or blinds and let the sun warm your home naturally. Leave curtains closed over windows that don’t allow sunshine in, then close all of the drapes as the sun begins to set to hold in the warmth the sunshine generated during the day. Free heating!

For more tips or to learn more about the iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat and other Lennox products, give Haley Mechanical a call today!

Financing available

Make no payments until 2023 and pay as little as $132 a month when you finance a new Lennox system. Talk to a comfort advisor today!